Change the S Pen settings on your Galaxy device

Last Update date : Feb 16. 2022
Change the S Pen settings on your Galaxy device

Your Galaxy phone's S Pen can be customized with a touch lighter than air. For example, simply wave the S Pen near your screen and the Air view feature will give you a preview of information, images, and so on. You can do this and so much more in S Pen settings, like enabling S Pen unlock, customizing remote commands, or adjusting the pen's shortcuts.

Note: Information provided applies to devices sold in Canada. Available screens and settings may vary for smartphones sold in other countries. Magnetic phone covers might interfere with the S Pen. Remove the cover before using the S Pen.

Maybe you would like to see a pointer displayed on the screen to show the path of your S Pen. Or, maybe you want an alarm that will sound if you accidentally walk away from your phone without the S Pen. Follow these steps to customize the S Pen's settings.

From Settings, tap Advanced features, and then tap S Pen.

S Pen features and settings

Here are all of the different settings you can adjust:

Note: Some of these features may only appear on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

  • Air actions: Turn on or adjust the remote controllability features that come with your S Pen

Note: Air actions may not be available on certain models.

  • S Pen unlock: Unlock your phone without entering your PIN or Password. You just need to press the Pen button on the side of the S Pen.
  • Screen off memo: Create notes by pressing the Pen button on the side of the S Pen, touching the screen while it is off, and then writing on it.
  • Quick create note or Create note with Pen button: To start a new note, press and hold the Pen button on the side of the S Pen, and then tap the screen twice with its nib.
  • S Pen to text: Use your S Pen to write in search fields, address bars, and other areas. Your handwriting will be converted to text!
  • Air view: Turn Air view on or off. This feature lets you preview information, text, and images by hovering your S Pen over the screen.
  • Show pointer when hovering: Turn the pointer on or off. The pointer appears on the screen when the tip of the S Pen is hovering close enough. Holding the pointer over some features can reveal what an item is or what it does.
  • Allow multiple S Pens: Use other S Pens on your screen while your S Pen is inserted into your phone. Keep in mind that this may drain your battery.
  • Keep S Pen connected: Keep your S Pen connected so it's ready for Air actions as soon as you remove it from your phone. This increases battery use.
  • Menu style: Choose between a regular-sized menu, or a compact menu.
  • Shortcuts: Add or remove shortcuts for apps.
  • Show Air command icon or Show floating icon: Minimize the Air command menu into a floating icon that can be moved around the screen.
  • Open Air command with Pen button: Hover your S Pen over the screen and press the Pen button on the side of the S Pen to open the Air command menu.
  • When S Pen is removed: You can select which action will happen if you remove the S Pen from your phone.
  • Warn if S Pen is left behind or Pen proximity alert: Sound an alarm if you walk away from your phone without inserting the S Pen and the screen is off.
  • Sounds: Play sounds when you insert or remove the S Pen or write on the screen.
  • Vibrations: Sets your phone to vibrate when you insert or remove the S Pen
  • Tips for using your S Pen: View helpful tutorials about how to use different S Pen features.
  • About S Pen: View your S Pen's MAC address.

Note: Certain apps may have additional options for the S Pen. In Samsung Notes, for instance, you can change the thickness of the pen, or draw exclusively with the S Pen by selecting the option for Finger drawing off.

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