Better protect your data privacy on your Galaxy phone

Last Update date : Feb 05. 2021
Preserve your data privacy on you Galaxy phone

Your phone can store a lot of personal information, so it is important to help make sure it remains safe and private. Fortunately, your phone includes some convenient privacy settings for keeping things like your app usage, location data, and passwords better protected. You can also use these settings to customize the content you would like to see, including recommendations and advertisements based on device usage. Or, you can opt out of customization services if you prefer not to see specific content.

Information provided applies to devices sold in Canada. Available screens and settings may vary for smartphones sold in other countries. The Permission manager allows you to manage your overall permissions, including apps and services like Calendar, Camera, location, and microphone.

Samsung privacy settings

Your device comes with several privacy settings to help keep your personal data secure. In the Samsung privacy section, you can dictate app permissions as well as customize the advertising content you see in your apps. To get to the Privacy section, navigate to Settings, and then tap Privacy.

Samsung privacy settings

The following settings are available:

  • Samsung Privacy: Review Samsung’s privacy guidelines for additional information.

  • Customization Service: Allows you to personalize the content you receive in your apps, such as ads and marketing. You can also manage your personal data, erase your personal data, and disable customization services on other devices.

  • Send diagnostic data: Allow Samsung to collect diagnostic data from your device to improve its services.
Google privacy settings

Google offers additional privacy settings as well. From this section, you can enable location services, ads, and personalized recommendations on your device. To find this section, navigate to Settings, and then tap Privacy.

The following settings will be available:

  • Android personalization service: Turn this on to receive personalized content based on your app usage.

  • Device Personalization Services: View suggestions based on the content you look at. Your device will store this data for future use as well. You can also clear your device’s learned data.

  • Autofill service from Google: Allows you to automatically fill in certain information when browsing websites, such as passwords, addresses, and credit card information. You can edit your information at any time if you receive a new credit card, or if you prefer not to use Autofill.

  • Google location history: Enable this to save your device’s location. Google will then suggest personalized maps when you are traveling.

  • Activity controls: Your device will save your website and app activity to provide you with faster searching.

  • Ads: Reset your advertising ID or disable apps from using your ID.

  • Usage & diagnostics: Allow Google to collect diagnostic data from your device to improve its services.

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