Galaxy Watch - SmartThings Control on Your Watch (SM-R800 & SM-R810)

Last Update date : Oct 07. 2020
Galaxy Watch - SmartThings Control on Your Watch (SM-R800 & SM-R810)

You can add one more thing to the list of awesome SmartThings devices - the Galaxy Watch. If you have SmartThings installed on your watch, you can control your SmartThings devices! This includes turning devices on or off, and even run scenes and automations. It's practically the watch of the future.

Available screens and settings may vary by provider, phone, or watch.

To control SmartThings devices with your watch, you need to install the SmartThings app on it first. You'll have access to your smart devices in no time.

Install SmartThings

From the watch's Home screen, navigate to Galaxy Apps. Touch Search, and then search for and select SmartThings. Touch INSTALL, and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. Once the installation is complete, open SmartThings, and then go through the introduction. Any devices connected through the SmartThings app on your phone will automatically sync to your watch.

Once you install SmartThings on your Galaxy Watch, you'll have control over all your connected smart devices right from your wrist.

Control SmartThings

From the watch's Home screen, navigate to SmartThings. You can activate and control scenes, turn devices on or off, or run automations without having to grab your phone. However, if you want to add devices, or create new scenes or automations, you must do so on your phone.

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