Care for your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Last Update date : Oct 23. 2020
Care for your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

With just a little care and maintenance, you can help make sure your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G performs at its best. And that means keeping its exterior, internal storage, and memory in good condition. Here are a few guidelines, to help keep your foldable phone  sparkling inside and out.

Information provided applies to devices sold in Canada. Available screens and settings may vary for Galaxy Z Fold2 5G sold in other countries.

Keep your foldable phone in top condition

Your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is extra special. The easiest way to keep it looking new is to regularly clean it.

Cleaning your foldable phone is simple and not that different from cleaning any other Galaxy phone. However, you will want to be careful about cleaning the phone's hinge. If it becomes dusty or dirty, make sure you clean it gently with a soft, dry cloth to avoid damaging your phone.

Keep your foldable phone in top condition

To keep your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G looking and working great, follow these other important tips:

  • Before folding the phone, make sure there are no objects such as cards, coins, or keys in between the screens. Otherwise, a sharp object could potentially scratch or puncture the main screen.
  • This device is not water or dust resistant. Do not allow any liquids or particles to enter the device.
  • DO NOT press the screen with a hard or sharp object, such as a pen or your fingernail, or apply excessive pressure. Doing so could result in scratching or puncturing the screen.
  • DO NOT remove the protective top layer from the main screen, or attach any adhesive accessories, such as protectors or stickers.
  • DO NOT fold the device toward the back side or backwards. The device will be damaged.
  • DO NOT place magnets near the phone. Magnetic objects, such as credit cards, passbooks, access cards, boarding passes, or parking passes, may be damaged or disabled by the magnets in the phone.

Your device contains magnets, which may affect medical devices, such as pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators. If you are using any of these medical devices, keep your device a safe distance from them and consult with your physician before you use the device.

About the screen protector on the Z Fold2 5G

Your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G comes with a specially designed screen protector preinstalled on the main screen. Samsung has designed this screen protector with a soft rubber-like material specifically to help withstand folding and unfolding, while providing better protection from scratches and debris. Samsung does not recommend removing the screen protector. If your screen protector requires replacement, please visit an authorized Samsung service centre. In some cases there may be a small fee for replacement.

Attach the Aramid Fiber Cover

Another thing that will help keep your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G in great shape is its Aramid Fiber Cover. This special case comes included in the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G's black manual box, and it will help protect your phone from scratches and dents.

Attaching the case is quick. First, clean the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and the new case with a microfiber cloth. Next, remove the tape that is attached inside the case's front and back covers.

Attach the Aramid Fiber Cover

Then, carefully attach the front cover, starting at the right side of the front screen. Press the cover down, slowly moving toward the hinge, until you hear a snap. Do the same for the back cover, and you're done!

Clean your foldable phone's internal storage

Cleaning out your phone's files periodically will help keep it free of unnecessary data, so it can keep running well.

Clean your foldable phone's internal storage

Additionally, you can stop background apps from running to free up memory. Your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G comes with some device care options and more that can clean up storage and memory to help improve performance.

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