Use and manage the Air command menu on select Galaxy devices using S Pen

Last Update date : Mar 04. 2022
Use and manage the Air command menu on your Galaxy device

If you are flipping through a fashion website on your phone and see something you want to buy, you do not have to hesitate. You can snatch up a screenshot quick with Smart select on your S Pen. It is just one of the features you can use with Air command on select Galaxy devices that support an S Pen! You can also edit and adjust what apps or features show in the Air command menu for faster access.

Note: Information provided applies to mobile devices sold in Canada. Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and device model. Magnetic covers might interfere with the S Pen. Remove the cover before using the S Pen. Read our guide to learn more about S Pens and their compatibility.

Draw a heart around that cute picture of your dog or translate a foreign language: just two cool things you can do with Air command.

To see all of the Air command's features, pull your S Pen out of its slot. The Air command menu should instantly open! If the S pen is already out, just hover the S Pen over the screen, and tap the floating Air command icon or press the Pen button on the side of the S Pen.

Air command features

You can access the following features in the Air command menu:

  • Create note: Open Samsung Notes to jot down a quick note with the S Pen.
  • View all notes: Open Samsung Notes to see every note you have written.
  • Smart select: Allows you to collect content quickly. You can also make your own GIFs from content on the screen.
  • Screen write: Write and draw on the current screen.
  • Live message: Draw your own emojis, make animated GIFs, or write handwritten messages on photos. Live message allows you to express your feelings and send them to people you care about.
  • AR Doodle: Draw or write AR text on your camera's viewfinder in real time!
  • Translate: Hover the S Pen over a word to translate it.

Note: Currencies and units in a sentence can be converted in accordance with the system language that you are currently using.

  • Bixby Vision: Identify landmarks, translate foreign languages, and shop for products online. The option will vary depending on the image.
  • PENUP: Let your creativity run wild. Draw, colour, and much more.
  • Setting icon: Change the Air command settings.
  • Add shortcuts: Add shortcuts for your frequently used apps to the Air command panel.

You love the default Air command shortcuts, but there are other apps you are always using as well. Add all your favorite apps as shortcuts for quick and easy access.

Open the Air command menu using your S Pen. Scroll to the bottom of the Air command features, and then tap the Add shortcuts icon (the plus sign). Select the app you would like to add to your Air command menu. That is all there is to it.

Add or remove app shortcuts

Got a little ahead of yourself and added too much? From the Shortcuts settings page, tap the red Delete icon (the minus sign) next to the app you want to delete.

Note: The number of apps you can add to the Air Command menu may vary by device.

Maybe you keep accidentally touching the Air command icon by mistake. No worries, you can make it disappear if you prefer.

With Air command open, tap Settings, and scroll to the Air command section. Then tap the switch next to "Show Air command icon" to turn it off.

Turn the Air command icon on or off

If you need to access the Air command features, just take the S Pen out of your phone. The Air command menu will automatically open. You can also hover your S Pen above your Galaxy device’s screen and press the Pen button on its side to open up the menu.

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