What are the features of the Samsung clock?

Last Update date : May 25. 2022

The Samsung Clock is a feature that you can find on any Galaxy device. The app provides you with details about the time, weather, and other useful information. 

Different options of the Samsung Clock with the app icon in the center.

Features of the Samsung Clock


  • Alarm

The “Alarm” function lets you create multiple alarms with various times, settings, and custom features. There are pre-set alarms to help you keep up with daily routines, snooze settings for when you need a bit more time to rest, a vibrate function to give you an extra jolt with your alarm, plus you can set an alarm to repeat daily or on certain days of the week.

“Bedtime” mode is a feature that automatically turns your phone to grayscale and mutes all calls/sounds while you sleep. It also comes with tips to help you maintain healthy sleep habits, so every night is a restful night.

If you have Bixby enabled on your phone, you can use a special “Bixby” setting that comes with its own sounds and theme. You can also sync Samsung Clock with your music player, or with apps like Spotify™ to create custom sounds that make every alarm unique.


  • World clock

The Samsung Clock automatically displays the time and weather where you are located but with the “World Clock” function you can select any city in the world and check the current time and weather in that location. It also comes with Time Zone Converter, a setting that allows you to see the time difference between your current location and whichever city you choose. If you want a more interactive experience, change your World Clock settings from “List view” to “Map view” and get a visual guide of exactly where each city in your world clock settings is located.


  • Stopwatch

The Stopwatch gives you an accurate measurement of time right down to the second and comes with a “Laps” function to help you monitor lap times while running continuously. You can pause, resume, and even copy laps so whenever you need to monitor time, you always have a record.


  • Timer

Use the “Timer” function when you want to multitask but need to keep track of time. The Timer works in the background to let you focus on other tasks (cooking, working out, or studying, for instance) for any amount of time, without the distractions of constantly checking your watch.

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