Why do 'Analog' and 'Digital' repeatedly display When I turn on Samsung PC?

Last Update date : Mar 22. 2018

The message you see displaying Analog and Digital alternately when you turn on your monitor is part of the normal, self-sensing start-up procedure for a Samsung monitor that is both analog- and digital-capable.

When you turn on your monitor and computer your monitor tests the video signal transmitted from your graphics card to determine whether the signal is digital or analog. As it tests the signal, it flashes Analog and Digital alternately on the screen. When it determines what kind of signal it is receiving it sets itself to that signal and turns the message off.

Note: If the monitor continues to display Analog and Digital alternately and does not show a picture, try setting the monitor to either Analog or Digital (whichever matches the video connection you have to your computer) by pressing the Source button on your monitor.

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