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Samsung Business Trade-In Program Terms

These Samsung Business Trade-In Program Terms (“Terms”) are an agreement between you and Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (“Samsung”). Read these Terms carefully before participating in the Business Trade-In Program. By participating in the Business Trade-In Program, you accept and are bound by these Terms.

Subject to these Terms, you may trade one or more eligible smartphones (“Trade-In Device(s)”) to receive a credit from Samsung after (i) completion of delivery of certain Samsung smartphones as offered from time to time by Samsung (“New Samsung Device”) and (ii) your successful return of eligible used smartphone(s) that meet Samsung’s Trade-In conditions as described below. The total number of Trade-In Devices in a single order eligible for trade-in through the Business Trade-In Program may not exceed the number of New Samsung Devices ordered in a single transaction. Any value received from Trade-In Devices will be based on the number and condition of Trade-In Devices sent to Samsung as part of a new Samsung smartphone purchase, and either (a) an estimated credit will be applied instantly to your final purchase price, or (b) a credit will be applied to your payment account after delivery of the New Samsung Device and receipt of the Trade-In Devices by Samsung or its representatives. If you are eligible for an instant credit, the amount of the credit may be reduced after receipt of the Trade-In Devices by Samsung or its representatives. The Business Trade-In Program is only available for New Samsung Devices purchased online via Samsung’s website at When you place your order, Samsung’s website will display an estimated trade-in value for your selected Trade-In Device(s). To keep or receive the estimated trade-in value, you must send your Trade-In Device(s) to Samsung within fifteen (15) days after receiving your New Samsung Device(s) unless Samsung has specified a different time period in a Promotion (defined below). You must also meet all of the requirements as provided in these Terms, including the Device Eligibility Requirements in Section 5 below. If you do not ship your Trade-In Device(s) to Samsung within the required specified time, or if your Trade-In Device(s) fails to meet all of the Device Eligibility Requirements, or if you otherwise do not comply with these Terms, you may incur additional charges and will not receive the full estimated trade-in value displayed during your purchase. Trade-in value will be determined by Samsung in its sole discretion after assessing the Trade-In Device(s). If you did not receive instant trade-in credit, Samsung will use commercially reasonable efforts to apply the credit to the account you used to pay for your order within ten business days after it has completed the evaluation of your trade-in devices. Please note that large orders with multiple trade-in devices may require extra time for evaluation. See Sections 4 and 5 below for further details.

From time to time, Samsung may offer limited-time trade-in promotions or special device trials (“Promotions”) with terms and eligibility requirements that may differ from those described here. Please refer to our website for the most up to date Promotions and related terms.

When you complete your order, Samsung will ship your New Samsung Device(s) to you. You should activate your new device(s) and transfer data, contacts, and other information before you ship your Trade-In Device(s) to us. You can transfer your information from your Trade-In Device(s) to your new device using Samsung Cloud, a data cable, or any of the other methods described in the documentation that accompanies your New Samsung Device(s). Prior to shipping, you must ensure your Trade-In Devices meet Samsung’s criteria in Section 5 (“Device Eligibility Requirements”), including factory reset, unlocked, and anti-theft applications deactivated. You must then ship your Trade-In Device(s) to Samsung within fifteen (15) days of receipt of your new device, or, if applicable, a different time period specified for a Promotion (defined above), using a shipping label provided to you by Samsung.

To participate in the Business Trade-In Program, you must have a Samsung Account. Opening an account is free, but subject to terms and conditions ( If you purchased your Trade-In Device(s) under an equipment installment plan or other financing plan or if you entered into a two-year service contract with your wireless service provider, you will be responsible for any and all remaining payments under such plan or contract, including any contract termination fees. Leased devices are not eligible for this Business Trade-In Program unless and until you purchase the leased device from the owner prior to trading it in, which may involve additional fees and payments. You may not participate in this Business Trade-In Program if you lease or otherwise do not own the device you trade in.

You may have as many outstanding Trade-In Devices per registered business as you have outstanding New Samsung Device(s) at any given time.

You may trade in up to one (1) device under this Business Trade-In Program for each New Samsung Device you purchase ordered in a single transaction, not to exceed the number of new devices purchased. Device model eligibility for both the Trade-In Device(s) and the New Samsung Device(s) and trade-in value are determined by Samsung in its sole discretion and may vary depending on the time and conditions of purchase. Please refer to our website,, for the most up to date information on eligible devices and trade-in value of New Samsung Device(s). Eligible devices and trade-in values may be changed at Samsung’s sole discretion. Your Trade-In Device(s) must meet all of the requirements stated below (“Device Eligibility Requirements”), as determined by Samsung in its sole discretion.

a) Your Trade-In Device(s) must power on, hold a charge, and not power off unexpectedly;
b) Your Trade-In Device(s) must have a functioning display with no black spots, dead pixels, or pixilation of any kind;
c) Unless a Cracked Screen Offer applies under Section 3 below, your Trade-In Device(s) must have no breaks or cracks in the screen, camera lens, or body, or other defects that go beyond normal wear and tear, including but not limited to: multiple scratches, dents, or dings; evidence of water damage; or corroded charging port, SIM, or battery terminal contacts;
d) Your Trade-In Device(s) must not be on a blacklist of any kind;
e) At the time of trade-in, you must be the owner of your Trade-In Device(s), as leased devices are not eligible;
f) Reactivation Lock, Google Factory Reset Protection, or any other anti-theft locking software must be disabled on your Trade-In Device(s);
g) Before shipping your Trade-In Device(s) to Samsung, you must perform a factory reset on it and remove all personal information (as described in Section 3 above); and
h) Your Trade-In Device(s) must be labeled with an FCC ID to show that it is certified for use in the United States under applicable FCC regulations. The FCC ID number is usually found printed somewhere on the mobile device. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the battery pack to see the number. The FCC ID number can also be found in the user manual for each device.

In its sole discretion, from time to time, Samsung may offer to accept specific model devices with cracked screens as devices that are eligible for trade-in (“Cracked Screen Offer”). A Cracked Screen Offer is only available if the trade-in value for your selected Trade-In Device(s) displayed on Samsung’s website states that the value displayed at the time of purchase of the New Samsung Device is for the specified device model with a cracked screen. If you select a Cracked Screen Offer at the time you purchase your New Samsung Device(s), then the Device Eligibility Requirement stated in Section 2(c) above will not apply. Samsung will accept your Trade-In Device(s) as eligible for trade-in even though the screen is cracked, if and only if, your Trade-In Device(s) meets all other Device Eligibility Requirements in Section 2.

If your Trade-in Device does not meet the Device Eligibility Requirements, or you do not ship your Trade-in Device(s) to Samsung within fifteen (15) days after the date you receive your New Samsung Device(s), or, if applicable, a different time period specified for a Promotion (defined in Section 1), then Samsung may, at its sole discretion, decline to credit your payment account or charge you for the full or partial amount of trade-in value received as instant credit for the delinquent Trade-In Device(s).

If your Trade-In Device is unqualified for trade in or was not in the expected condition (“Returnable Devices”), Samsung may, in its sole discretion, offer to return such Returnable Device to you, subject to the following conditions and any others that Samsung may specify to you at the time of such offer to return:

• You must notify Samsung within 7 days of Samsung’s written offer to return the Trade-In Device to you.
• Returnable Devices may be shipped only to the original return address provided at the time of purchase and may not be shipped to any other address.
• Once submitted, you cannot cancel a request to have your Returnable Device returned to you.
• Your Returnable Device will be returned to you with all factory settings restored and with all data wiped from the device.
• If your Returnable Device has a damaged or swollen battery, it is unsafe to ship and cannot be returned to you.
• After shipping your Returnable Device to you, Samsung will charge your payment account for the full Trade-In Device credit you received at the time of your purchase of your New Samsung Product, plus any applicable taxes (this charge is the “Trade-In Reversal Charge”).
• A signature is required on delivery. If Samsung’s authorized carrier cannot complete the delivery for any reason, the Returnable Device will be sent back to Samsung and Samsung will not a