Use your Samsung microwave for defrosting

Defrosting vegetables with Samsung Microwave

When you think of microwave cooking, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably frozen pizza or other frozen dinners with a lot of additives. Well, that doesn't have to be the case. With a Samsung microwave, you can still prepare healthy meals because the Power Defrost feature can easily thaw meat, poultry, or other natural items you've stored in the freezer.

Thaw anything with Power Defrost

Note: Power Defrost is only available on select models.

If it has been in the freezer for a long time or if you accidentally made the freezer too cold, defrosting an item can take forever. But with Power Defrost, your microwave can power through tough ice and make the item thaw faster.

  1. First, place the food on a microwave-safe plate on the center of the turntable, and close the door.

  2. Then, simply press the Power Defrost button on the front panel.

    Press Power Defrost
  3. Press the left or right arrows to select the serving size, and then press OK.

  4. Press START/+30s to begin the cycle.

  5. When the microwave oven beeps, open the door, and turn the food over.

  6. Close the door, and then press START/+30s to resume defrosting.

  7. When the defrosting is complete, the microwave oven beeps four times and the control panel display shows the current time. The end reminder signal beeps once every minute for three times.

  8. For exact defrosting instructions based on the type of food you’re making, please refer to your microwave’s user manual.

Let Auto Defrost get the job done

Note: Auto Defrost is only available on select models.

Knowing how long you need to defrost a steak or a group of chicken cutlets doesn’t need to be a guessing game. Because the Auto Defrost cycle on your Samsung microwave will provide you with the best defrosting method for frozen foods. This cycle automatically sets the necessary defrosting time according to the weight you enter.

  1. Place the frozen food inside the microwave, close the door, and press the Auto Defrost button.

    Press Auto Defrost
  2. Use the number buttons to enter the weight. You can choose between 0.1 to 6.0 lbs.

  3. Press the OK/START button. The display will begin counting down the defrosting time.

    Press OK/Start
  4. When the microwave beeps twice, open the door and turn the food as needed.

  5. Remove any thawed portions, return the frozen portions to the microwave, and then press the OK/START button to resume the cycle.

  6. The microwave will beep when the cycle is completely finished. Remove the thawed food – now you can cook it and make a scrumptious meal.

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