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Entering Text on Your Gear S2

You can use S Voice or the keyboard to enter text when sending messages, replying to email, or searching on your Gear S2.

Enter Text Using S Voice

  1. A text input screen will display automatically when you are able to enter text.


  2. Touch the blue microphone icon.



  3. If this is your first time using voice recognition to create a message, touch AGREE.



  4. Speak the message you want to send.



  5. If voice recognition captured your message correctly, touch the Send icon to send the message.


Enter Text Using the Keyboard

  1. A text input screen will display automatically when you are able to enter text.


  2. Touch the red keyboard icon.



  3. Touch the screen to open the keyboard.



  4. Touch the keys corresponding to the letters you want to type.

    • The T9 keyboard uses predictive text to determine the words you are typing.
    • If the word displayed in the text field is incorrect, touch the correct word in the suggested words.
    • In the example below, we are typing "dinner" but need to touch the word to select it.
    • Rotate the bezel to access the number keypad and symbols.



  5. Touch Done when your message is complete.


  6. Touch the Send icon to send the message.



Typing without Predictive Text

Predictive text can be turned off in Keyboard settings, and in some apps, predictive text is not available. In these cases, touch the key with the letter on it that you need, and quickly touch it again until it displays the letter you require. For instance, touch abc once for a, twice for b, or three times for c.

Keyboard Settings

To access the keyboard settings, you can touch the Gear icon on the number and symbol keypad or access them from the Gear S2 settings by following the steps below.

  1. From the Watch screen, press the Home key.


  2. Touch Settings.


  3. Scroll to and touch Input.


  4. Scroll to and touch Keyboard settings.


  5. Touch Samsung keyboard.

Keyboard Settings

  • Select input language: Touch the language you want the keyboard to display. If the language you choose has not been downloaded, follow the on-screen steps for downloading the keyboard to your Gear S2.
  • Check update: Check for updates to the keyboards downloaded on your Gear S2.
  • Smart typing
    • Predictive text: Turn predictive text on or off. Touch Personalized data to improve predictive text by using data collected from your typing history.
    • Auto replace: Replace or complete the word you are typing with the most probable word.
    • Auto spacing: Insert a space between words.
    • Auto punctuate: Enter a period at the end of a sentence when you double-touch the space bar.

  • Vibration: Feel vibration feedback when you touch a key on your Gear S2 screen.
  • Reset settings: Reset all keyboard settings except for downloaded languages.

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