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Connect My Gear Sport with My Phone

Connect your Gear Sport and your phone using the Samsung Gear app on your phone and get access to available functions. You can also sync up with the Samsung Health app. Talk about a dynamic duo!

When connecting an existing Gear Sport to a new phone, make sure to disconnect the Gear Sport from your other phone.
You can also set up your Gear Sport without a phone.

Connect to Samsung Phone

To get connected, read on.

  1. Navigate to Apps > Samsung Gear on your phone.

  2. Touch START THE JOURNEY > Gear Sport. Wait for the PASSKEY to appear on the screen, and then touch OK.

  3. Read the terms and conditions, touch Agree to all, and then touch NEXT. You'll be prompted to manage your notifications, but this can be done at a later date. Swipe down and touch NEXT.

  4. Now your Gear Sport is connected to the Samsung Gear app on your phone. On your Gear Sport, you can follow the tutorial instructions or touch Skip.

For a more in-depth guide on this process, check out this super helpful simulator.

Connect to iPhone

Let's get your phone acquainted with your Gear Sport. We're sure they'll be fast friends.

  1. Navigate to Samsung Gear on your phone.

  2. Touch START THE JOURNEY > Gear Sport .

  3. Once your Gear Sport is found, touch Connect, and when the Bluetooth Pairing Request appears, touch Pair.

    Note: If your Gear Sport does not show up, make sure Bluetooth on the Gear Sport is on and not currently connected to any other phones.

  4. Read and touch Agree to the following options, and then touch DONE. Now your Gear Sport is connected to the Samsung Gear app on your phone. On your Gear Sport, you can follow the tutorial instructions or touch Skip.

Set Up Without a Phone

No phone, no problem! Check out how to get your Gear Sport set up solo.

  1. Select the language you would like to use for your Gear Sport and then touch Next.

  2. Swipe up, and then touch the Question mark. On the next screen, swipe up and touch here. You will be shown a set up screen where you can adjust the initial settings.

  3. Follow the setup guide, and your Gear Sport is now set up without a phone.


If you're having a little trouble connecting, get extra help here. You'll be good to go in no time.

Data from the Gear Sport is not Syncing with Your Phone:

  • Open the Samsung Health app on your phone. Navigate to Steps > More Options > View your step count data
     and then select your Gear Sport.

  • Disconnect your Gear Sport from your phone (Apps > Samsung Gear > More Options > Disconnect) and then restart both your Gear Sport and your phone.

  • Make sure that the Samsung Health app is up to date.

  • Clear the app cache for Samsung Gear and Samsung Health.

  • Clear the app data for Samsung Gear and Samsung Health and then reset both devices.


The Gear Sport Stops Recording Data:

  • If you stop to rest or because you got caught in traffic, the Gear Sport may pause or end your session.

  • If you are in an area with weak mobile data strength, it can interfere with the process. Try disabling mobile data if this problem persists. 


All Android phones running Android version 4.4 and later are compatible with the Gear Sport, although some features on non-Samsung phones will have limited compatiblility. Gear Sport is compatible with iOS phones, but the Email and Samsung Pay features are not available.

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