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Clean the LED TV

Having a hard time seeing things on your TV with all those dust and fingerprint smudges? Follow the instructions below to properly clean your LED TV.

General Cleaning for the LED TV

Never use any type of window cleaner, soap, scouring powder, or any cleanser with solvents such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or paint thinner. Never use abrasive pads or paper towels. If you do, you can scratch the screen or strip the anti-glare coating off the screen and cause permanent damage.

For general cleaning of both the frame and screen of your LED TV, use a microfiber cleaning cloth and water. Do not spray water directly onto the TV, but apply a mall amount of water on the corner of the microfiber cloth. Never use cleaning fluids, wax, or chemicals.

To clean your TV correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the LED TV off, let it cool for a few minutes, and then unplug the TV.

  2. Clean the frame of your LED TV with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

  3. To clean the screen, first try wiping gently with the microfiber cleaning cloth. If that does not work, spray water directly onto the microfiber cleaning cloth. Never spray anything directly onto your TV screen.

  4. Wipe the screen with the microfiber cleaning cloth as gently as possible. LED TV screens are fragile and can be damaged if you press too hard.

  5. Let the screen dry completely before you plug the TV back in.

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