Use the main dashboard in Samsung Flow

Person accessing the main dashboard on Samsung Odyssey 2

When you're multitasking and need to get work done quickly, you don't want anything in your way. Nuisances like having to constantly switch between devices or an unreliable Wi-Fi connection can really slow you down. To help make you more productive, you should use the main dashboard in Samsung Flow. It lets you copy and paste between devices, screen mirror your phone, and even share a mobile hotspot.

Copy and paste with the Clipboard

In the past, you had to send an email to your laptop or tablet whenever you wanted to copy and paste text from your phone. But that's no longer the case with Samsung Flow! You can easily copy and paste between devices - no email required.

First, make sure your phone and your desired device are connected. On the laptop or tablet, click the Clipboard icon. It will glow blue when the feature is activated. Next, copy your desired text on the phone. If it was successful, a popup will appear on the other device that says "Copied to clipboard."

On your laptop or tablet, navigate to wherever you want to put the text. Then, just paste the text like you normally would. Whatever you copied from the phone will appear!

Clipboard icon highlighted in Samsung Flow

If you want to do the opposite, like copy text from your laptop or tablet and paste it on your phone, reverse these steps. Just make sure the Clipboard feature is still active.

Screen mirror with Smart View

What if you want to work on one device without having to switch back and forth multiple times? In this case, you should use Samsung Flow's Smart View feature.

It lets you screen mirror your phone's screen to your laptop or tablet. But that's not all. You can actually control the phone too! It's perfect for multitasking, especially if you need both devices at once.

Smart View icon highlighted in Samsung Flow

Share a mobile hotspot

The Wi-Fi is going in and out, and you have to send that essay to your professor ASAP. Let the mobile hotspot feature in Samsung Flow save the day.

First, remember the mobile hotspot needs to be turned on in your phone's Samsung Flow settings. To do this, open the Samsung Flow app on your phone, and then tap More options. Tap Settings, and then tap the switch next to Mobile hotspot.

On your PC or tablet, open Samsung Flow and make sure it's connected to the phone. Then, select the Mobile Hotspot on/off icon. It will glow blue when it is successfully connected to hotspot. You can now use the mobile connection from your phone! The hotspot will also display as a Wi-Fi network in your settings.

Mobile hotspot on/off icon highlighted in Samsung Flow

Note: In order to use Hotspot, you must have a tethering plan on your service account. Hotspot consumes battery power and uses the phone's mobile data service. While Mobile Hotspot is active, your phone's apps will use the Mobile Hotspot data service. Roaming while using your phone as a Hotspot may incur extra data charges.

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