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Set Up Rear Surround Using the SWA-8000S Kit

Expand to true wireless surround sound by connecting the Samsung Wireless Rear Speaker Kit (SWA-8000S) to your existing Soundbar. Enjoy the great sound all around by easily connecting the additional speakers wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Only the Wireless Receiver Module is wireless. The two rear speakers are connected to the Wireless Receiver Module by wires.

Connect the Speakers

Your new SWA-8000S kit comes with 2 speakers and a wireless receiver module. Before connecting the Wireless receiver module, connect your subwoofer first, and then follow the steps below to complete the connection.

  1. Press the wire tabs and insert the speaker wires.

    Make sure the color of the wire matches the wire tab. Also make sure the wires make contact with the metal component under each tab.

  2. Connect the other end of the cable wires into the Wireless Receiver Module.  

  3. Plug in the power cable into the Wireless Receiver Module.  

  4. Plug the power cord of the Soundbar, Subwoofer, and Wireless Receiver into AC wall outlets.  

  5. Press and hold the ID SET button on the back of the wireless and receiver and subwoofer for 5 seconds.  

  6. Continue holding until the STANDBY indicators turn off and the LINK indicators (Blue LEDs) blinks quickly.  

  7. While the Soundbar is powered off (in STANDBY mode), press and hold the Mute button on the Soundbar remote until ID SET appears on the Soundbar's display.  

  8. When the LINK indicator (Blue LED) on the SWA-8000S blinks, power on the soundbar.  

  9. When the LINK indicators (Blue LEDs) on your subwoofer and the SWA-8000S glows continuously, the SWA-8000S has connected successfully. This process may take a few minutes. If the surround speaker's volume is low, try pairing the subwoofer and speakers again.

    The optimal placements for the speakers are on the sides of where you will be listening to the audio. Try to position the speakers about 2 or 3 feet above your ear.

Connection Notes

  • Remember, only the wireless receiver module is wireless. The two speakers must be connected to the module by the provided cable wires.

  • Make sure each speaker cable is connected with correct colored band.

  • Make sure the speaker metal wire makes contact with the metal tab.

  • If you are still having a trouble, visit Samsung Support for help with connection.

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