Lock and unlock Samsung DeX

Note20 connected to a TV with Samsung Dex

Locking and unlocking Samsung DeX is easy! You just need to select the Lock DeX option in the Samsung DeX screen on your connected device, such as your monitor. If you have Facial recognition or another type of Lock screen set up to get into your phone, for instance, you will need to use it to get back into DeX. 

Lock and unlock Samsung DeX

The following steps will help you lock and unlock Samsung DeX whenever you need to.

  1. To lock Samsung DeX, navigate to and select the Apps icon on the DeX screen. It's located in the bottom left corner.

  2. Select Lock DeX. The screen will lock. 

  3. Next, click anywhere on the monitor's screen to unlock and use Samsung DeX. Then, enter your security credentials or use your biometric data on the connected phone to access the DeX screen again.

Lock screen with pattern grid for Samsung Dex

Since DeX uses the same lock as your phone, be sure to visit our guide to setting up a lock screen.

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