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Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Notes

Common questions about Samsung Notes.

General FAQ's

  1. What is Samsung Notes?
    • Samsung Notes allows you to create new notes, view and edit notes created with previous versions, and to sync your notes with other Galaxy devices.

  2. What is Samsung Notes Viewer?
    • Samsung Notes Viewer allows you to view Samsung Notes files.

  3. Text, Shape, and Equation transformation option is not visible.
    • The Extension pack must be installed. Once installed the 'Transform into' option will be available.

  4. What is Write on PDF?
    • Write on PDF is a convenient PDF annotator for you. You can take notes by handwriting using various pens and tools.

  5. Templates are not available.
    • Templates are not supported. This functionality can be used by setting page color and type through background images for note pages. For backward compatibility with notes containing templates, new pages can be added after downloading the template compatible package.

  6. Why are major permissions requested?
    • The following permisssions are required.


      Samsung Notes read and create files in external storage.


      Action memo supports "Link to action" feature to link the memo to Calendar "Task".

      (This feature is relevant only in models which support S Pen)


      Samsung Notes also allows to insert Voice recordings in notes.


      Images/videos can also be inserted in notes after taking pictures/videos from Camera.

  7. Can I hide the toolbar and write on the whole screen?
    • It's provided only when Extension pack is installed in S Note. In order to reduce toolbar, tap 'MORE' menu at the toolbar and select 'Reduce toolbar'.

  8. The does not automatically move to the next page when text is full.
    • Samsung Notes, and Write on PDF provide auto-scroll in textbox when text is over-filled, so you can scroll up and down in the textbox.

  9. Strokes can not be erased precisely.
    • Eraser of S Note and Write on PDF is set to 'Erase by stroke' option by default. To erase a stroke more precisely you can select 'Erase touched area' option. Size of the eraser can be controlled using seek bar provided below 'Erase touched area' option. More precision can be obtained by using "Correction pen" in Pen settings and setting the size and transparency as required.

  10. I am unable to set a default background for all notes.
    • For every new note default background is always white which can be changed from options in note. Samsung Notes > Create/Edit note > MORE > Background settings > Select a background > Check "Apply to all pages".

  11. PDF quality is poor when I use another PDF viewer on the PC.
    • The text and handwriting is saved as a low resolution image to improve performance.

Troubleshooting FAQ's

  1. Samsung Notes fails to update.
    • Settings > Application Manager > Galaxy Apps, S Note > Clear data > Retry application update.

  2. I locked my note with a password. Can I restore a forgotten password?
    • Notes are saved as ".spd" file in ZIP format, which stores password in the file itself with 128-bit encoding. Since we do not store the password at our end, it is not possible to restore the password of locked notes. Precautions must be taken while locking notes with password.

  3. I want to set my action memo as a widget on the home screen.
    • To set action memo item as a widget on your home screen, Select 'More' - 'Pin to Home screen'. You can change your widget size into 1x1 or 2x2 by long pressing and dragging the boundaries of the pinned action memo.

  4. A PDF file on the external SD card is always opened in read only.
    • Android doesn't support writing permission on external SD card.

  5. I cant open Easy chart or Idea sketch.
    • Follow below path to open Easy chart/Idea sketch :

      1. Samsung Notes.
      2. Create/Edit a note.
      3. "Insert" menu option.
      4. Easy chart/Idea sketch.

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