Charging tips and precautions for Samsung earbuds

Galaxy Buds in an open case charging on the Galaxy S10

From your early morning workout to a late night of studying, you want your earbuds' battery to last as long as you do. We'll give you the inside scoop on battery charging tips to get the most out of your battery, and precautions to prevent damage to your earbuds.

Note: Use only Samsung-approved charging devices and accessories. Samsung accessories are designed for your device to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may void your warranty and may cause damage.

Battery life

Note: Charge and play times may vary based on device usage and conditions during use.

While all of the earbuds are built to last all day, battery life and charging times may differ, depending on the model you have. 

  • Galaxy Buds give you up to 13 hours of play time (6 hours of charge in the earbuds and 7 hours in the case). Plus, charging for just 15 minutes will give you up to 1.7 hours of battery life. You can also charge your Galaxy Buds wirelessly.

  • Gear IconX (2018) earbuds last up to 7 hours (Standalone Mode) and 5 hours (Bluetooth Mode) when fully charged, so you get plenty of time to hear your favorite songs. If you're using the earbuds to take calls, they can last up to 4 hours. A fully charged case provides one extra charge on the go.

  • Gear IconX (2017) earbuds last up to 3 hours when fully charged. As long as the charging case is fully charged, you can charge the Gear IconX earbuds using the case up to 2 times.

Reduce battery consumption

Just by making a couple adjustments, you can conserve battery power on your earbuds. That way, they'll last when you really need them.

  • When you are not using the earbuds, keep them in the charged charging case.

  • Change the notification settings from the Galaxy Wearable app on the connected phone.

Battery charging tips and precautions

Take care of your Samsung earbuds by keeping these tips in mind.

  • If there is any form of liquid, including sweat, on the charging terminals, corrosion may occur on the terminals. Clean the terminals before charging the battery.

  • Using a power source other than the charger, such as a computer, may result in a slower charging speed due to a lower electric current.

  • While charging, the earbuds and the charging case may heat up. This is normal and should not affect the earbuds’ lifespan or performance. If the battery heats up more than usual, the charger may stop charging.

  • If the earbuds and the charging case are completely discharged, it may take a while for them to start charging.

  • If the earbuds and charging case are not charging properly, visit a local Samsung Service Center with your earbuds and charger.

  • Avoid bending the charger. Doing so may damage or reduce the lifespan of the charger. Never use a damaged charger.

  • For more information about the battery, such as the usage time, refer to Samsung's website.

Charge your Samsung earbuds

First, open your earbud charging case, and then place the earbuds into their corresponding slots in the charging case. For the Gear IconX, close the charging case lid. Do not close the charging case for the Galaxy Buds.

Check the earbud battery indicator light, located inside or outside the charging case:

  • Red: Charging.

  • Green: Fully charged.

  • Flashing Red: Charging disabled due to an error or abnormal temperature.

Note: If the earbud battery indicator light is black or flashing red, remove the earbuds to check the eartips and wingtips are properly attached. It may be necessary to clean the earbuds, including the charging contact. Then, re-insert the earbuds.

Next, using the included USB cable, connect the cable to the USB charging port on the back of the charging case. Connect the other end of the USB cable to a power source, such as a Samsung approved USB power adapter (sold separately). 

Galaxy Buds charging in the case

Check the charging case indicator status:

  • Red: Charging or below 30 percent battery.

  • Green: Fully charged or above 60 percent battery.

  • Yellow: Between 30 and 60 percent battery.

  • Blue: Firmware is updating.

Depending on your earbuds, the charging case indicator light will be located on the front or rear of the case. If the charging case indicator light does not work as described, disconnect and reconnect the charger. Check the USB cable, wall adapter and charging case for physical damage. It may be necessary to try a different USB cable and wall adapter. You can also charge your Galaxy Buds wirelessly. This option is not available for Gear IconX.

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