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Adjust your Galaxy Buds or Gear IconX for the best fit

In the past, you may have worn earbuds that either pinched your ears or were too loose. Both options are equally uncomfortable, whether you're out jogging or just listening to music. Thankfully, you'll never have those problems with your earbuds. But if they don't fit right, you can simply swap the earbud tips and wingtips.

Swap earbud tips and wingtips

Caution: Do not insert the earbuds in your ears without earbud tips or wingtips because it may harm your ears. Do not pull the earbud tip or wingtip excessively because they may tear.

Your earbuds come with extra earbud tips and wingtips of varying sizes. You could even use different earbud tip and wingtips sizes for each ear. Check out our visual aid to see what comes with your earbuds.

First, remove the wingtip by sliding it downwards. Then, pull off the earbud tips. Finally, apply your desired wingtips and earbud tips as needed. You can see more detailed instructions about properly attaching the earbud tips and wingtips in the next two sections.

Different wingtip and earbud tip sizes

Note: If you need an extra set of earbud tips or wingtips, call 1-855-726-8721 Monday-Sunday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST.

Attach the earbud tips

Let’s make listening to your favorite song a comfy experience for your ears. Start by attaching the earbud tips to your earbuds.

First, select the best fitting pair of earbud tips that came in the box with your earbuds. Cover the latch at the bottom of the earbud with the earbud tip, and then follow the same steps for the other earbud.

The earbud tips for Galaxy Buds, however, differ slightly from other models. Don't worry, the process is still simple. Flip the earbud tip inside out, and insert it over the latch at the bottom of the earbud, lining up the hole on the earbud tip over the latch. Then, push the earbud tip down to attach to the latch.

Hands attaching earbud tips to Galaxy Buds

Attach the wingtips

If you like to dance around when you listen to music, make sure to properly to attach the wingtips for a snug fit:

Just like you did for the earbud tips, you'll need to select the best fitting pair of wingtips for your ears. Cover the earbud with the wingtip, and then adjust the wingtip so it is seated properly on the earbud. Also, make sure the heart rate sensor isn't blocked, if your earbuds have one. Repeat the steps for the other earbud.

Hand attaching new wing tips to Galaxy Buds

Wear the earbuds properly

Note: For first time use, charge the earbuds in the charging case.

The first thing you should do is attach the earbud tips and wingtips. Once you do, you're just about ready to play your favorite songs. But before you rock out, make sure you're wearing the earbuds properly.

    • Check the direction of each earbud. Insert them into your ears with the wingtip facing upwards, until they sit comfortably in your ears.

    • Adjust the earbuds by rotating them to the left or right to fit your ears.

    • If the earbud tips or wingtips do not fit comfortably in your ear, try a different size.

    • The proximity sensor will automatically detect that you are wearing the earbuds when you put them on. Once this happens, they will automatically turn on and emit a beep.

      Note: If the proximity sensor does not make contact with your ear, the earbud may not work.

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