HDR10+ and Your Samsung UHD TV

Samsung TV HDR10+

Your new Samsung UHD TV has amazing capabilities when it comes to realistic, high quality picture. One thing that sets your TV apart from the rest is HDR10+. 

What's HDR10+?

HDR10+ is the latest and most advanced High Dynamic Range technology.  It adapts your TV to optimally display UHD content the way it was meant to be seen with true-to-life highlight and shadow details. For more information, click here.

What Samsung TVs have HDR10+?

The 2020 Terrace, Sero, Frame, QLED, and UHD TVs support HDR10+. Plus all 2016 and newer Samsung UHD TVs have HDR10+ capabilities as well. Click here for a full list of HDR10+ Certified products.

Where can I see HDR10+ content?

You can stream HDR10+ through the Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play Movie and TV apps. A growing number of UHD Blu-ray discs are also available with HDR10+ from major studios Warner Bros, Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Lionsgate. Look for the HDR10+ logo on UHD Blu-ray Discs. You can even shoot HDR10+ video on your Galaxy Phone and then view it on your TV.

Do I need to enable my TV to play HDR10+?

No.  A supporting TV will automatically detect video with HDR10+ and apply the adaptation.

Does my UHD Blu-ray player have to support HDR10+ to play a disc in HDR10+?

Yes. If you are using an unsupported UHD Blu-ray player, the feature will play in standard HDR10. An HDR10+ capable Blu-ray player and UHD capable HDMI cables are also required.  A list of supported UHD Blu-ray players is available here. Look for the HDR10+ logo on the UHD Blu-ray player.  

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