Set a Security Lock on your Samsung smart watch

Security settings displayed on Galaxy Watch5

You used to leave your analog watch lying around, but that's not a good idea with a Samsung smart watch, unless you've set a security lock. With no protection, anyone can access your personal data. But when you set a screen lock, your watch will lock itself after a certain amount of time, and you'll need to enter a PIN or pattern to unlock it.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by provider, phone, or watch.

Set a Security Lock

Note: You cannot set a Security Lock on the Galaxy Fit or Fit2.

You keep a padlock on your suitcase to keep out strangers, but that's not necessary for your smart watch. Just set a digital security lock, so no one can access your stuff.

From Settings, swipe to and tap Security or Security and privacy

Tap Lock or Gear lock, and then tap Type. On the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch6 series, swipe to and tap Security, and then tap Lock type.

You can select from the following lock types:

  • Pattern: Set a pattern to draw on the screen to unlock your watch. This provides a medium security level.

  • PIN: Set a four digit PIN to unlock your watch. This provides a medium to high security level.

  • None: No lock screen will be set. This provides no security.

To remove the security lock, repeat the steps mentioned above, enter your security information, and then tap None.

After unlocking, the watch will stay unlocked as long as it detects that you are wearing it. A snug fit will let the watch know you're keeping it on, but a loose fit may cause it to require unlocking more frequently.

Security Lock settings

Note: This feature is not available on the Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit models, or Wear OS models.

Every time you want to make a payment with Samsung Pay, you have to enter your lock PIN and your payment PIN, which is repetitive. Make it so your smart watch only locks when you want to make a payment.

From Settings, tap Security and privacy, and then tap Lock or Gear lock. Tap Use for, and then select Payments only. Your watch will stay unlocked until the next time you use Samsung Pay.

Use for Payments only setting displayed on Galaxy Watch Active 2
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