Get Cash back notifications from Samsung Pay

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You can now earn cash back on select purchases in Samsung Pay. But how will you know when you’ve earned rewards? You can receive notifications from Samsung Pay, so you can keep track of your money.

Cash back notifications

You've started to earn cash back in Samsung Pay, and you want to know when you'll receive it. First, make sure Cash back notifications are turned on in Samsung Pay.

After you’ve made a qualifying purchase in Samsung Pay, you will get a notification about how much cash back you earned. However, this notification can take up to 24 hours to appear on your phone, depending on the merchant’s Terms and Conditions. You will receive a second notification once your cash back is available.

Samsung Pay app notification settings

However, you will not receive your cash back reward until the merchant’s required return period has passed. This period varies for each merchant, so make sure you read their Terms and Conditions. This will give you a better idea about when you will receive your rewards.

You can also receive notifications about deals when you follow certain merchants.

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