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Talk to Bixby using Voice wake-up

Bixby Voice Wake up screen on Note10

You don’t need to press a button when you want to call Bixby; you can do it hands-free with Voice wake-up. Once this feature is set up, all you have to do is say “Hi, Bixby,” and Bixby will be at your service. You can ask a question or give a command.

Turn on Bixby Voice wake-up

If you didn't turn on Voice wake-up during Bixby Voice setup, no problem. You can do it any time from Bixby settings. 

Just open Bixby using either the Bixby or Side key, depending on your phone and settings. Tap More Options (three vertical dots), tap Settings, and then tap Voice wake-up. To turn it on, simply tap the switch next to "Wake with “Hi, Bixby." 

Voice wake-up screen with Wake with "Hi, Bixby" off

More Voice wake-up options

Do you keep waking up Bixby by accident? No worries, you can adjust Bixby's wake-up sensitivity as well as some other settings, so Bixby will be easier to use.

The following Voice wake-up options are available:

  • Wake-up sensitivity: Set Bixby's Voice wake-up sensitivity. If you lower the sensitivity, you will be less likely to unintentionally wake up Bixby.

Options for Wake-up sensitivity, Improve voice wake-up accuracy, Delete voice wake-up recordings
  • Voice unlock: Allow Bixby to unlock your phone when you say "Hi, Bixby."

  • Improve voice wake-up accuracy: Record your voice again in places you usually use Bixby to improve its accuracy.

  • Delete voice wake-up recordings: Delete any previous voice wake-up recordings.

Voice Wake-up on multiple devices

If you have multiple devices with Bixby, it might be frustrating if they all responded every time you said "Hi, Bixby." Multi Device Wakeup takes care of that. As long as all of your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, Bixby will only react to your voice command on the device that hears you most clearly. Now you don't have to worry about Bixby interrupting the music on your phone when you say "Hi, Bixby" to your refrigerator. The best part is you don't have to dig through your settings to enable it. It's just how Bixby works! 

This functionality is only supported on devices running Bixby 2.0 and higher. If you have an older device that continues to wake up when you don't want it to, you can turn off Bixby Voice Wake-up on that specific device or update it to Bixby 2.0.

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