Enjoy your entertainment outside with the Terrace TV

The Terrace TV on an outdoor patio

Relaxing in the great outdoors is more enjoyable than ever with The Terrace. This TV is equipped with all the features you need to watch movies, play games, and stream shows, but with the added bonus of being made to watch TV outside! With an ingress protection rating of IP55, it’s resistant to dust and rain, so you don’t need to check the day’s forecast before turning it on. You can watch the news in the morning or cheer on a sports team at night, and The Terrace will remain perfectly illuminated regardless of the time of day.

Note: Although The Terrace is rated IP55, it should not be submerged in water. Do not submerge the remote control or power cord.

Sunlight conditions and proper wall installation

The Terrace is designed for placement in a partial shade environment. Partial shade means not exposed to direct sunlight, but indirect or ambient sunlight instead. Keeping the TV out of direct sunlight will give you the ideal outdoor QLED viewing experience.

Because of the way LCD panels work, a dark area will appear on the TV screen when the surface temperature rises above 158 degrees Fahrenheit, typically after being exposed to direct sunlight for about ten minutes. The dark area will disappear when the surface temperature drops below 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not affect the quality of the screen but you can contact us for more information if this happens. Placing The Terrace under a roof or awning will help shelter the TV from direct sunlight and avoid this.

IP rating for The Terrace

The Terrace comes with an IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, which is a two-digit measurement for resistance to foreign materials. The first digit represents a resistance to particles like dust, and the second digit indicates a resistance to water.

The Terrace is rated at IP55. The remote is rated at IP56 and the power cord is water resistant. Thanks to this, The Terrace and remote will withstand dust, humidity, and insects while it’s displayed outside on your patio or deck. It’s also resistant to heat up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The Terrace is protected from low pressure sprays of water as well, so there’s no need to worry if your kids get into a water gun fight.

Child playing with water near the 55 IP rating Terrace Outdoor TV

You can add an extra layer of protection with the dust cover accessory, which will shield your TV from rain and dust overnight. The dust cover will wrap around a soundbar too if you have one installed.

Screen brightness, resolution, and picture

Even in the daytime, The Terrace’s screen is bright enough to display all of your favorite shows. And when it starts to get dark, you can skip turning on the lights since The Terrace will adjust its brightness for you.

Note: Avoid installing The Terrace in direct sunlight.

The screen’s anti-reflection allows for crisp and clear pictures without any glare. Rays of sunlight won’t wash out the high resolution, so you can browse channels or enjoy sports without squinting or covering your eyes. Plus, The Terrace’s adaptive picture will adjust according to the colors of each image, so it'll always looks as bright as possible. The Adaptive picture feature will change according to viewing conditions like dark, normal, bright, and very bright, so it’s ideal for sunny mornings or overcast afternoons.

Man watching sports on a bright day outside on his Terrace TV

To enable Adaptive Picture, navigate to Settings > General > Intelligent Mode Settings > Adaptive Picture. If your movie or show is over but you still want to relax outside, you can set The Terrace to Ambient mode. Use this feature to upload and display family photos, or enable voice control to ask your TV to show new content based on the day or time. You can also choose decorative images or real-time information like news alerts. For more information about Ambient mode, check out our guide.

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