Set up your Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen

Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen setup on a computer desk

You just scored Samsung’s Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen, the most exciting gaming setup around. But before you can dive into your favorite games, you will need to set it all up. We’ll walk you through the installation steps as well as some tips for moving the Odyssey Ark.

Assemble the Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen

Before starting, make sure you have a clear and open space to place the Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen, as well as a phillips head screwdriver and a partner to help move and lift the pieces. Remove the stand pieces and then place the top piece of foam back on the screen to help with stand installation.

  1. To assemble the stand, first place the Gaming Screen face down on a flat surface while still in the top and bottom foam.

  2. Push the stand’s neck into the main body of the Gaming Screen, and then turn the stand neck 90° clockwise. Tightly fasten the connecting screw at the center of the stand neck.

    Illustration showing the turning of the stand neck 90 degrees
  3. Turn the stand neck 180° in the opposite direction, and then tighten the connecting screw at the center to secure it.

    Illustration showing the turning of the stand neck 180 degrees
  4. Next, insert the stand base onto the stand neck and make sure it is firmly connected.

  5. Tighten the connecting screws at the bottom of the stand base.

    Illustration showing the bottom of the stand base
  6. Lift the product into an upright position and adjust it as desired.

  7. Finally, using the One Connect cable, connect the end that says TV to the back of the Gaming Screen. You can tidy the cable up by pushing it into the groove on the back of the Gaming Screen. Run the cable through the cable guide on the stand and then plug the opposite end into the One Connect box. Then, connect the power cord to the One Connect box and plug it into the wall. Attach the rear cover to the Gaming Screen to cover the One Connect cord and the ports. Press the Power button on the back of your Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen to turn it on. Now, you’re good to go!

  8. You can use the Odyssey Ark’s various functions, such as Flex Move Screen and Multi View, Cockpit Mode, and the Ark Dial. Or, play around with the Gaming Screen’s LED colors with Eclipse Lighting and Eclipse Sync.

Move the Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen

We strongly suggest keeping your Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen in one place. However, if you need to move the Odyssey Ark, please refer to the tips and precautions below.

  • Make sure to hold the stand’s base with one hand and the neck with the other hand when moving the Odyssey Ark. If possible, ask a friend to help with this.

  • Do not hold onto or apply pressure to the screen while moving the Odyssey Ark.

  • Do not pull or hang onto the Odyssey Ark’s frame.

Illustration showing how to hold your Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen
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