Cockpit Mode on the Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen

Cockpit Mode on the Odyssey Ark

Samsung’s Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen includes the most immersive and impressive gaming setup yet! It’s called Cockpit Mode, and it lets you vertically rotate the curved Gaming Screen using its unique height adjustable stand. The Gaming Screen can also tilt and pivot, allowing the top of the screen to hang overhead while you’re seated. Cockpit Mode is designed for your favorite games, but it can also be used with the Odyssey Ark’s other features, such as Multi View and Flex Move Screen when you need to display multiple screens simultaneously.

Use Cockpit Mode

The Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen lets you take full control of your in-game experience with Cockpit Mode. By rotating, tilting, and pivoting the screen, you can immerse yourself in video or gaming content that is optimized for a vertical screen. When tilted forward, the top of the screen will even hang over your head!

Once you’re in Cockpit Mode, you can further customize and adjust the input screen using the Ark Dial remote. For instance, you can select Multi View on the Ark Dial Menu to split the screen into three convenient sections. Then, just open up a game, a YouTube video, or a streaming service all at once. Or, select Flex Move Screen on the Ark Dial Menu to change the input screen’s size and position to your liking, all without leaving Cockpit Mode.

Multi view in Cockpit Mode on Odyssey Ark
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