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What is 5G | Benefits of 5G

Man taking a photo of a cityscape with his Galaxy 5G smartphone. Overlaid on the image is text that says 5G unlock the future

What 5G will mean for you

The next generation of mobile internet connectivity is right around the corner.
5G will mean blazing speeds 3x faster than 4G, lower lag times, and much faster connections.
But how will all these advancements help improve your daily life?



Are you 5G fast enough? Take part in our 5G Tongue Twister challenge and stand to win the all-new Galaxy Note10+ 5G.
All you have to do is repeat the sentence below as fast as you can within 5 seconds and share your video with us on Instagram.
Feature Video

How to enter #Galaxy5GChallenge

a video of yourself saying the sentence as fast as you can
on your Instagram Feed or Stories with #Galaxy5GChallenge
@SamsungGulf and tag 3 of your friends
a Galaxy Note10+ 5G by being the fastest







There’s fast.
And then there’s 5G-fast.

Experience the power of next-generation connectivity with two distinct Samsung 5G-ready products.

Galaxy Note10 plus 5G laying on its back at a threequarter angle with a blue S Pen laying across its screen and a gradient graphic and text that says 5G onscreen. On either side of the phone is text saying Galaxy Note10 plus

Galaxy Note10+ 5G

Download, browse and post HyperFast with Samsung's latest and greatest 5G-Ready Note10+ 5G

*Requires optimal 5G connection. Actual speed and connection may vary depending on country, carrier, and user environment.

Life in 5G

Evolution to 5G

5G Products