How to clean and remove the glass shelf from a Samsung Fridge?

Last Update date : 2021-05-05

For cleaning and removing the shelfs please follow the below steps:

How to remove the shelves (fridge/freezer)

  • To remove a shelf, fully open the corresponding door. Hold the front of the shelf and gently lift up and slide out.

  • If the door cannot fully open, slide out the shelf half way to the front and turn it over to remove.


  • The shelf must be inserted correctly. Do not insert upside down.
  •  Glass containers may scratch the surface of glass shelves.
  •  Do not insert a shelf in the wine rack position. This may damage the refrigerator. (applicable models only).
How to remove the door bins

  • To remove a door bin, hold the front sides of the bin and gently lift up to remove
How to remove the fridge drawers

  • Gently lift up the front of the drawer and slide out.

Vegetable / Dry drawers

  • To remove the vegetable drawer from the fridge or the dry drawer from the freezer.
1 First, remove surrounding multipurpose drawers if necessary.
2 If your refrigerator is provided with a cover (A) for the vegetable/dry drawer, remove the cover. For this, slide out the cover while holding down the clips on either side of the cover.
3 Gently pull out the vegetable/dry drawer.
How to remove the Icemaker bucket

  • If you do not dispense ice for an extended period, ice may form clumps inside the bucket. If this happens, remove and empty the icemaker bucket. 
1 To remove the icemaker bucket, gently lift it up and pull out slowly while holding the handgrips with both hands.
2 Remove and empty the icemaker bucket.
3 When done, turn the gear handle on the rear of the bucket by 90°, and then put the bucket back into position. Make sure the bucket is inserted properly until you hear a clicking sound.
4 Press and hold Ice Maker for 3 seconds to reset the ice maker.


  • Do not apply excessive force to the bucket cover. The cover may break.
  •  Do not close the door hard. Water may spill over the ice maker.
  •  To prevent injury, make sure to clean up any ice or water that has fallen on the floor.
  •  To prevent accidents or injury, do not let children play with the water dispenser or the ice maker.
  •  Do not put your hand or an object into the ice chute. This may cause physical injury or product damage.


  • If the Ice Maker Off indicator blinks, remove and reinsert the icemaker bucket. Make sure it is reinserted properly.
  •  Any sound from the ice maker is normal, which outputs during the ice making process.
  •  While the door is open, neither the ice maker nor the water dispenser operates.

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