Tips on fixing Samsung washing machine drain issue

Last Update date : 2023-11-19

If your Samsung washing machine has a drain issue, you can try a few things to fix it. Check for clogs in the drain hose, inspect the pump for blockages, ensure the machine is level, reset it, and use the right detergent. These steps can save you from costly repairs or replacements.

Solution for no draining issue of washing machine Solution for no draining issue of washing machine

How can I fix a Samsung washing machine that isn't draining properly?

1 Turn off the washing machine and check the level.

If the washer isn't level it may not drain correctly. Make sure your washer is level.

2 Inspect the drain hose.
Verify the drain hose:
  • Is not inserted more than 6 inches and less than 8 inches into the standpipe or sink
  • Is secured so it will not slip down farther
  • Does not form an airtight connection
  • Is not kinked, bent, or damaged
  • Is at least 18 inches high (24 inches for wash basins)
  • Is not higher than 96 inches (35 inches for wash basins)
  • Is not using a drain hose extension kit
3 Clean the drain filter (front loaders only).
Filter cover Filter cover

1. Open the filter cover (A) by using a coin or key.

emergency draining tube emergency draining tube

2. Pick the emergency draining tube (B) out.

emergency drain cap emergency drain cap

3. Open the emergency drain cap (C) by pulling it. Allow all the water to flow into a bowl.

filter cap filter cap

4. Unscrew the filter cap (D) by turning it to the left and wash any material from the debris filter

emergency drain cap emergency drain cap

5. Reinsert the emergency drain cap & drain tube.

close the filter close the filter

6. Make sure to close the filter after cleaning it.

4 Turn the washer back on and start a cycle.

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