What to do if the softener comes along with detergent in Samsung washing machine?

Last Update date : 2021-02-14

Your washing machine’s dispenser is located in the detergent drawer and dispenses detergent or fabric softener at the proper time during the cycle so your clothes come out clean


Reasons of softener comes along with detergent in washing machine:

  1. The softener exceeds the max line.
  2. The washing machine is not at a balanced level.
  3. The presence of residues inside the detergent drawer.
Make sure that the softener does not exceed the max line

  • Softeners should not  be filled higher than line indicated with MAX.  If the softener is too thick to dispense properly, dilute it with water. However, make sure to not go over the MAX line. 
Make sure that the washing machine is at a balanced level

  • If the washing machine is not levelled well, it will cause an incorrect slant in the detergent drawer affecting the siphoning of detergent to the drum.
  • Make sure that the washing machine is balanced during installation.
  • Adjust the balance if the washing machine is not balanced.
Clean the detergent drawer regularly

  • The detergent drawer should be cleaned periodically to prevent the residues from building up and to prevent the issues with dispensing the detergent and the fabric softener.

Additional tips:

Run a rinse and spin cycle without adding detergent:

  • If you see soap bubbles in the wash even though you didn't add anything to the drawer, this is a residue being cleaned out. Keep running more cycles until you don't see soap bubbles anymore.
  • This keeps things clean, And it improves the washer's performance, and helps prevent odors.

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