How to use the TalkBack feature on Samsung Watch 5

Last Update date : 2022-09-30

TalkBack is a feature that assists blind and low vision users. It provides voice feedback so you can use your  watch without looking at the screen. The function names vary depending on the software version, but the functions are the same. Read the guide below to enable or disable the TalkBack feature on your Warch.

Note : The TalkBack feature on Galaxy Watch5 series is known as Screen reader and it was on the previous models

To Enable this feature on your Watch check the below steps : 

1 On the watch, navigate to and tap Settings, and then tap Accessibility.
2 Tap TalkBack, and then tap the switch to turn it on.
3 Your watch will now provide audio descriptions for each screen on the watch.

 Tap any item to hear it described.

Double tap it to perform the described function.

4 Tap Settings to customize options such as Audio and Verbosity, or to view a tutorial of how to use TalkBack.

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