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A smarter way to use your phone.

Bixby makes your phone helpful – assisting in completing tasks, telling you what you’re looking at, learning your routine and remembering what you need to do.
Just push the Bixby button.

An image of a woman who is using a Galaxy Note 8 Midnight Black to translate the sign with Bixby Vision.
* Bixby recognises selected languages. Others to be supported.
* UI of the actual product may be different.

With Bixby, look at your world
in a new way.

Bixby gives you a deeper understanding of what you’re looking at.
Focus on an object through your viewfinder, tap the Vision icon and instantly launch into a mode that identifies landmarks or translates foreign languages.

* Service availability may vary by country.

A front view of Galaxy S8 Midnight Black scanning objects with Bixby Vision.

Let your phone be your guide.

Identify landmarks or businesses to learn more about them.

* To use this service, GPS is required to be turned on.

Translate without a translator.

Translate foreign languages so you can read a menu or transit sign, and travel with ease.

* Click 'Here' to see supported language list of translate feature.

Identify nearly anything.

An image of Galaxy S8 Midnight Black which recognises label and displays information with Bixby Vision.

See more than a label.

See the bottle’s rating or learn more about the vineyard it came from.

* This service is provided in English and Chinese, other languages to be supported.

An image of Galaxy S8 Midnight Black which searches image and displays with Bixby Vision.

Search smarter.

Frame objects in your viewfinder, or bring up a photo from your Gallery or online, and Bixby helps you discover hundreds of relevant images.

* Only available on Samsung Internet (a proprietary browser).

An image of Galaxy S8 Midnight Black which recognises QR code with Bixby Vision.

Scan in a snap.

Scan a QR to quickly open up the corresponding link or scan a barcode to be directed to the shopping website.

Turn it on.

Bixby is built into your Camera, Gallery and Internet so you can discover more.