Build the ultimate gaming set up

Big fan of gaming? Play with the best monitors and accessories to make sure you have the ultimate gaming advantage. With an epic monitor, next-level soundbar or immersive HDR TV, you can dominate the competition and keep your name at the top of the leaderboard.

The ultimate setup starts with the right screen. You can choose to upgrade your TV or get a gaming monitor to take game play to the next level. But one thing’s certain; when it comes to screens, bigger really is better.

If you’re going to supersize your set up, then check out Od-yssey G9. With a staggering 49” 1000R curved screen, The Odyssey G9 wraps around your field of vision to fully immerse you in the action and get your heart racing. It’s been designed for incredible gaming performance and to keep your eyes comfortable, so you can play on... and on. Just imagine a Fortnite marathon on this epic display.