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*Watchfaces shown here are included with purchase, but must be set manually as all Galaxy Watch4 come with a default watchface.

Actual colors may vary due to difference in monitors or screens.

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Galaxy Watch4

The watch that knows you best

Most of us want to know more about ourselves, so we can be the best version of ourselves. That’s why we engineered the all-new Galaxy Watch4 to be the companion to your journey towards a healthier you.

Galaxy Watch4 Classic

A classic that’s truly timeless

Some looks are timeless, like the Galaxy Watch4 Classic’s rotating bezel and vivid screen. The refined design brings sophistication to your wrist and its high-end stainless steel materials express its powerful and intuitive functionality.

Sport Band
& Ridge Sport Band

The Galaxy Watch4 Sport Band is designed to fit your wrist with a firm and stable grip. The band is durable and sweat resistant thanks to the fluoroelastomer material. With 9 colour straps to choose from, you’ll never run out of ways to express your style.

Extreme Sport Band

The Extreme Sport Band gives you a firm grip and versatile usability for the active lifestyles. It is compression moulded to withstand any activities you enjoy, and perforations throughout the band provide extra breathability. The band comes in 4 stylish combinations of colours.

Hybrid Leather Band

The Galaxy Watch4 Hybrid Leather Band exudes premium quality with its high-quality outer leather material and sweat-resistant inner fluoroelastomer material. Designed with enhanced aesthetics and usability in mind, this band can provide both classic and sports-like experiences based on your needs.

Milanese Band

The Galaxy Watch4 Milanese Band is made of super-fine wired metal mesh. The end-link is customised to the curve of the Galaxy Watch4, providing a sense of unity. Classic hook buckle securely fasten the band in a single touch. Adjust band length by fine-tuneable buckle to find your most comfortable fit.

Hybrid Fabric Band

This hybrid collection features an innovative technology where the textile material is made of 100% ocean bound #tide plastic. By giving waste a value, #tide transforms single use plastic into high quality plastics in the form of premium textile.

Fabric Band

The Fabric Band is designed for breathability, crafted with a nylon weave that wraps softly around your wrist for comfort and style. It has a clever hook-and-loop fastener that makes it super easy to attach and adjust for a comfortable fit.

*Galaxy Watch4 sold separately. *Availability of colours and models may vary by country or region. **Compatible with Galaxy Watch4 Series models that fit 20mm bands.


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*GPS + Cellular Default strap is added to existing products.

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    Need help finding your size?

    Check the right band size using our wrist measurement guide below.

    Measuring your wrist
    1. Step 1
      Wrap a piece of rope or string around your wrist and mark where the ends meet.
    2. Step 2
      Lay the rope or string flat on a metric ruler and measure the length to determine your wrist size.

    Refer your measurement to the chart below to find the correct Galaxy Watch4 band size.

    Galaxy Watch4 band size
    Band size Wrist length
    S/M Fits 130 to 190mm wrists
    M Fits 160 to 205mm wrists
    M/L Fits 145 to 205mm wrists
    The image above is for informational purposes only and actual band product/design may be different.