How Bixby Vision can support the visually impaired

Last Update date : Jan 31. 2024

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Samsung works every day to bring our products closer to all people, making them easier to use when needed through a series of specific applications and functions.

View of Activation of accessibility modes and tips.

One example is Bixby Vision and its many, user-friendly functions. We provide the following accessibility functions to help the visually impaired from Bixby Vision version 3.5 or higher.

These functions are:

  • Scene describer: You can photograph a scene and listen to a voice describing the scene.
View of the Scene describer screen.
  • Object identifier: Recognises objects and explain what they are. 
View of the Object Identifier recognizing a sofa.
  • Text reader: Reads the recognised letter if you focus on the letter.
View of the Text Reader option applied on a text of the Bixby Vision web.
  • Colour detection: Describes the colour by audio voice if you point the camera towards the object you wish to capture.
View of the Colour Detection option applied with a picture.

Please note: The scene describer function is not supported in the following countries: China, Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan.

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