Remove your Private Key from Samsung Blockchain Keystore

Last Update date : Feb 15. 2024

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It is possible to delete your private key from Samsung Blockchain Keystore, but you should know that it is not permanently deleted.

View of the screen showing Reset Samsung Blockchain Keystone option.

If you want to remove your private key, go to “Reset Samsung Blockchain Keystore” and enter your PIN (or verify with your fingerprint). All the data stored in Samsung Blockchain Keystore will be removed, including the private key and PIN.

Please note: Your private key cannot be permanently deleted. The private key stored on your device may be deleted when you reset it as described above, but it can always be restored again with your recovery phrase.

How to restore your wallet with Samsung Blockchain Keystore

1 Launch Samsung Blockchain Keystore and select 'Link'.
2 Enter a new PIN and then enter your existing recovery phrase to finish restoring the wallet.
3 Go to “Settings”, select “Samsung Blockchain Keystore” and then select “Back up recovery phrase” to begin the recovery phrase backup procedure.

Please note: If you already completed the backup process it will be marked as “View recovery phrase”.

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