Syncing Gallery Photos with OneDrive

Last Update date : Feb 20. 2024

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Samsung lets you sync your Gallery photos with your OneDrive account, so you can save the best photos and memories on your devices, and the Cloud, for easy and quick access.

Gallery and OneDrive icons with a sync icon in between.

You can always sync your gallery with your OneDrive account. All your photos and videos from the Samsung Gallery app are automatically uploaded and synced to OneDrive.

When you delete a synced photo from your gallery, it will also be deleted from OneDrive, and when you delete a synced photo from OneDrive, it will also be deleted from your Gallery.

Editing photos on either Gallery or OneDrive will automatically show changes in both services, making it much easier to manage your photos. You can download synced photos not only from your phone and tablet but also from your PC and TV.

Support Specifications

  • Devices: Samsung smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, PC etc.
  • Software: AndroidTM O (8.0) OS or higher, RAM 1.5 GB or more.
  • Models: Samsung Gallery/OneDrive sync is available for certain models and markets only.
  • Connections: Gallery Sync requires a network (Wi-Fi, etc.) connection.

Setting Up OneDrive Sync:

Tap the OneDrive sync menu in the settings section of the Gallery app and Samsung Cloud app.

  • In Samsung Cloud: Go to Gallery and tap “To Sync”.
  • In Gallery: Tap “More”, select “Settings” and click “Sync with OneDrive”.

To use Gallery Sync with OneDrive you need both a Samsung account and a Microsoft account. Once the two accounts are linked and you agree to use the service, OneDrive Gallery Sync will start automatically.

To disable your Gallery Sync settings: Go to device settings > “Logged-in Samsung account” (at the top of Settings) > “Linked accounts” > “Unlink” your Microsoft account by tapping the “Unlink” button at the bottom of Microsoft.

Note: The account unlinking process may vary depending on your software version.

Deleting Synced Photos from Gallery:

Photos and video files under the “Samsung Gallery” folder on the OneDrive app are synced with the Gallery app. When you delete a photo from OneDrive, the photo file is also deleted from all synced devices and moved to the recycle bin.

  • Go to OneDrive app > “Me” > “Recycle bin”. Deleted data can be restored within 30 days from the OneDrive app’s recycle bin.

Note: If you delete the “Samsung Gallery” folder on the OneDrive app, Gallery Sync will not work properly. Please restore the Samsung Gallery folder from the OneDrive recycle bin.

Other Common Questions About Gallery Sync

First, you must disconnect your Microsoft account. Then you may sync again with a different Microsoft account.

To disconnect your Microsoft account:

1 Go to device settings and tap “Unlink” > “Logged-in Samsung account” (at the top of Settings) > “Linked accounts” > “Unlink” at the bottom of Microsoft.

To connect to another Microsoft account:

1 In Samsung Cloud: Go to Gallery and tap “To Sync”.
2 In Gallery: Tap “More”, select “Settings” and click “Sync with OneDrive”.

This notification may appear in the following two cases:

1 Your Microsoft and Samsung accounts have been unlinked.
Gallery Sync is not working and cannot sync to OneDrive because your Microsoft account password has been changed or verification has not been completed in accordance with Microsoft policy.
Try the following solution:
  • You will see a message about unlinking in the Samsung Cloud app > “OneDrive” > “Gallery Sync settings”. Tap this message to go to your Microsoft account page. Log in to your Microsoft account and agree to service syncing once more.
2 OneDrive is frozen:
Because you exceeded your storage space, or due to the OneDrive policy, you cannot use the OneDrive service with your Microsoft account and Gallery cannot sync anymore.
Try the following solution:
  • Open the OneDrive app and unfreeze the service.

If photos synced to OneDrive are not saved on your phone/tablet, they appear as thumbnail previews on the Gallery app. As they are displayed as thumbnails rather than as the originals on your phone, you can save them on the storage space of your device. Thumbnail previews may not be supported for some photos. If you would like to see the original photos, please download them.

  • To download your synced photos, go to Gallery > “Photos” tab > “Select file” > “More” > “Download”.

Note: The process may vary depending on the device/app version.

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