Samsung Air Conditioner Space Capacity

Last Update date : Jan 15. 2024

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It is important to find a Samsung air conditioner with the right space capacity for your room size, as this can greatly affect the cooling performance and electricity bill. Often when looking for a new air conditioner it will have a size that refers to its cooling capacity, not its dimensions. This cooling capacity will then correspond to a space capacity, indicating the ideal room size where the air conditioner can cool down most effectively and efficiently.

Please find the table below for a guide on the different space capacities of Samsung air conditioners.

Note: This information should be used as a guide only. There are many variables that will affect the requirements of your air conditioning, such as orientation, usage, dimensions, construction materials, insulation, equipment, heat loads, etc.

Air Conditioner Capacity

Room Size Guide

Ideal for:


9 - 28sqm

Small bedrooms and home offices


25 - 38sqm

Medium size bedrooms


35 - 55sqm

Large bedrooms and medium living spaces


48 - 72sqm

Large living spaces


55 - 85sqm

Open plan living spaces

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