Cleaning and Maintaining your Samsung BESPOKE Cube™

Last Update date : Jan 16. 2024

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It is recommended to clean your Samsung BESPOKE Cube™ regularly to optimise its performance. Please read the guide below for cleaning and maintaining your BESPOKE Cube™.

1 Remove the front panel by holding both upper sides of the panel and pull it towards yourself. Then, remove the clip wire from the main unit.
2 Turn the front panel over, and hold where it says 'PULL' to gently pull and remove the front mesh.
3 Use water or a soft cloth to remove dust and other foreign matter on the front panel. If you used water to clean the panel, please let it dry completely before reattaching.
  • The frame incorporates the display PBA. Ensure that the frame does not come in contact with water. Contact with water causes device failure.
4 Attach the front mesh back onto the front panel by inserting the tabs (1) to the bottom of the panel. Then, push the areas labelled (2) at the top of the mesh to secure.
5 Attach the front panel back by attaching the clip wire (1) onto the main unit. Then, insert the tabs (2) on the panel slots at the bottom of the unit and press the top centre of the panel to secure into place.
1 Open the rear panel by holding both upper sides of the rear panel, and pull the panel towards yourself. Then, remove the clip wire from the rear of the main unit.
2 Remove the pre-filter.
3 Remove the pet deodorisation filter.
4 Remove the dust collecting filter.
5 To clean the pet mesh filter and pre-filter, separate them and use a vacuum cleaner to remove larger dust and then rinse with lukewarm water. (It is recommended to clean the filters every 2 weeks if used for 24 hours every day).


  • When cleaning the pre-filter, do NOT use a brush or any similar tools. The super fine fibres can be damaged.
  • When washing the pet mesh filter, use lukewarm water or water below 25°C. Water above 40°C can deform the filter exterior.
6 Make sure to dry the filters under the shade (avoid direct sunlight as it can cause damage) before reassembling.


  • The pet mesh filter is a disposable component, and can get damaged if washed often to resuse. If your pet mesh filter is deformed or damaged, please replace with the included spare or purchase a replacement.

For the sensor of your BESPOKE Cube™, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area around the sensor. If the sensor has accumulated dust or any foreign material, a high PM level may be detected. Do NOT put dust into the sensor inlet.

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