How do I use and manage my Family Hub app?

Last Update date : Apr 11. 2022

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With a single touch on the Family Hub app, you can connect and manage a refrigerator more efficiently. Enjoy a convenient lifestyle with the Family Hub app! Family Hub will make it easy for you to see the current status of your appliance inside and control the temperature, dispenser, ice, and much more.

Find out how to set up your Family Hub, change the settings, and make use of the incredible features.

Note: If you would like to learn more about the available apps on your Family Hub fridge, please click here.

Fridge Manager

You can manage the current fridge and freezer settings with the Fridge Manager. The widget shows the temperatures, active special functions, fridge settings, and more.

  • On the Fridge Manager widget, the current fridge and freezer temperatures as well as the active special functions are displayed.
  • The Fridge manager widget will also show the current filter status as well as the last install date. When you tap the button ‘Buy Filter’, it will show the filter purchase page.
fridge manager
manage the fridge manager

1. External Conditions: Displays the external (ambient) temperature and humidity.

2. Inside Temperature:

  • Change the set temperature in the fridge, freezer, and FlexZone.
  • After you change the temperature or function, click the save button.

3. Special Features: View a short explanation of some of the refrigerator's special features.

4. Fridge Settings:

  • Turns the ice maker on and off.
  • Tap and drag the button to turn it on or off.
  • Change many of the fridge's settings including the settings for ice making, the door alarm, and the temperature units (°F or °C). 

Note: To access the online manual for your Family Hub refrigerator, tap Setting > Help & Contact Us > Online Manual.

Functions of Fridge Manager

major functions




Turns the icemaker on and off. To use this feature, tap and drag the button to turn it on or off.

Note that if the ice bucket is full of ice, the refrigerator will not start making ice when you drag the button to On. Instead, it will display the Ice Making Off indicator on the main screen.

Dispenser Lock

Turns the ice and water dispensers on and off. Tap and drag the button to turn them on or off.

Door Alarm

The door alarm sounds if you leave the door open. Tap and drag the button to turn it on or off.

Temp. Unit

Switch the temperature scale between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Touch °F or °C to change the scale.

Water Filter

Provides a water filter replacement tutorial and lets you reset the water filter replacement indicator. To use this feature, tap to open.


Self-Check is a self-diagnosis function.

Demand Response

Works with the Smart Grid energy saving manager. Tap to open. Tap and drag the button to turn it on or off. See the Smart Grid section in this manual for more information.

Cooling Off

Cooling Off mode (also called Shop mode) is designed for use by retailers when they are displaying refrigerators on the shop floor.

Note: If Cooling Off is turned on, all of the cooling controls will turn to OFF on the Fridge Manager. Tap and drag the button to turn it on or off.

View Inside

With the View inside feature, you can check the inside of the refrigerator by way of a photo based on time.

The inside camera takes photos automatically when the doors are closed. (It may take up to 1 minute according to the ambient temperature or humidity.)

Note: If the doors are opened again before the photos are taken, the camera doesn’t take photos, and the time is counted after the doors are closed.

view inside 

Functions of View Inside

major functions



Image Copy and save

You can crop the image by tapping the screen and save it in the food list.

Saving list

You can add food by tapping ‘Food list’

Sending Shopping list

You can crop the image and send it to the Shopping list or send it to the saved food list of the Shopping list.

Sending Memo

You can crop the image and send a Memo and indicate the tag on the screen.

Change and delete

You can change the expiration date, name of the food list, and delete.

Sync with a mobile phone

You can send a photo, food list to a mobile phone, and check the food list on a mobile phone.

Shopping List

You can create and remove the lists that you need to shop for. You can also send shopping lists to the shopping basket. 

shopping list

Functions of Shopping List

major functions



Create/Delete the Shopping lists

-To Create a new shopping list, tap the (+) button on the Navi Bar.

-To Delete a shopping list, tap the More button and select the list you want to delete.

Shopping lists Delete/Moving, Send to Shopping basket

Delete and move the shopping lists to the other list by tapping the More button on the Navi Bar.

Sending shopping lists to the view inside

Send the shopping lists to the View inside by tapping the View inside icon.

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