Samsung Refrigerator has a Bad Odour

Last Update date : May 15. 2024

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It is important to keep your refrigerator clean to maintain the freshness of your food and groceries. Otherwise, harmful bacteria can grow and multiply from spoiled foods, causing a bad odour to develop inside your refrigerator. This can also cause bad tasting/smelling water or ice. However, this problem can occur with any brand of refrigerator and can be solved with some routine maintenance and other simple measures. 


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Check the inside of your refrigerator and throw out any expired food or spoiled leftovers. These are the largest source of bad odours. You can also check if there are any spoiled vegetables or fruits in your crisper drawer. Make sure to discard any spoiled food from your refrigerator.

Look for any unsealed food or open food containers in your refrigerator. Make sure strong-smelling food is airtight sealed. 

Check the inside of your refrigerator for spills, crumbs or other food residue and immediately clean up messes before they have a chance to stain. 

It is recommended to clean out the inside of your refrigerator after removing the source of the odour. 


  • Do not use benzene, thinner, chloride or Clorox to clean, as these may damage the surface of your refrigerator or cause a fire. 

How to Clean the Inside of your Refrigerator

  • Before starting, unplug the power cord of your refrigerator. 
  • First, empty out the contents of your fridge and freezer. Then, take out all of the shelves, bins, crisper drawers, etc. 
  • Wipe down the inside with a soft cloth or sponge soaked in cleaning solution. 
  • Wash the compartments with mild detergent and dry them completely before putting them back into your refrigerator. 
  • Gently reinsert the compartments into the fridge and freezer.
  • It is recommended to open your refrigerator doors and ventilate well before putting your food and groceries back in. 


  • Please make sure that the inside of your refrigerator is completely dry before putting your food back in.  

Quick Summary

1. Check for expired items, as these may cause bad odours. 

2. Discard any spoiled food. 

3. Make sure to seal any open food and that strong-smelling food is airtight. 

4. Immediately clean up messes. 

5. Deep clean the inside of your fridge or freezer by removing the shelves and bins; making sure to wash them regularly. 

Sometimes, water or ice from your dispenser may taste bad. If this is the case, check the below common causes:

1. First installation.

Water or ice may temporarily taste or smell off, especially if it is the first time after installation. This is normal. The water lines may have accumulated dust and debris, so it is recommended to discard the first few glasses of water. 

2. When you replace the water filter.

Water can taste off if the water filter has recently been replaced. This will disappear with normal use. If necessary, you can discard the first few glasses of water or ice.

3. Not using the dispenser for a few days.

Your water may taste stale if you have not used the dispenser in a few days. Discard the first few glasses of water before drinking. If you haven’t used the ice bucket in a few days, the ice bucket may contain a mix of jammed ice cubes that taste bad and smelly.

To keep your ice fresh and to prevent it from clumping, it is recommended to regularly discard unused ice. 

Quick Summary

1. Check whether the dispenser is new or if it has been unused for a while.

2. Check if the water filter has been replaced recently. 

3. Water or ice may temporarily taste or smell bad, please discard the first few glasses of water. 

4. Regularly discard unused ice. 

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