Removing the Shelves and Bins of a French Door Fridge

Last Update date : Sep 13. 2023

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If you're looking to clean the shelves and bins of your Samsung French Door Fridge, it is good to know how to correctly remove the shelves and bins so you can get a deeper clean. Ensure that food is out of the way, or, if possible, completely removed before removing the shelves and bins.

Follow the guide below for correctly removing the shelves and bins of your french door fridge. 

01. Fridge Shelf

02. Fridge Door Bin

03. Fridge Drawers/Crisper Drawers

04. Freezer Basket

Note: The actual design of the compartments may differ from your model. 

01. Fridge Shelf

Step 1. Make sure to fully open the corresponding door before you remove a shelf.

Step 2. To remove, hold the front part of the shelf and slowly lift it up and slide it out.

To reinsert, hold the shelf at an angle so the front is higher than the back, and then insert the top hook into the top shelf notch. Then, lower the shelf and insert the bottom shelf hook into the bottom shelf notch.


  • Do not lift up the shelf fully when removing or reinserting the shelf. Doing so can damage the rear wall of the fridge.
  • The tempered glass shelves are heavy. Use caution when removing them. 
  • Glass containers may damage the surface of glass shelves.
  • The actual design of the compartments may differ from your model. 

02. Fridge Door Bin

Step 1. To remove it, grab the door bin with both hands.

Step 2. Gently lift it up and remove it.


  • Make sure to empty the bin beforehand. Do NOT remove a bin that is filled with food.
  • Use caution when opening the door if the bottom bin contains larger bottles, which may fall over. 
  • Do NOT allow children to play with the bins. Sharp corners of the bin may cause injury.

03. Fridge Drawers/Crisper Drawers

Step 1. Gently lift up the front of the drawer and slide out.

It is recommended that you remove the door bins before removing the drawer. This is to prevent damage to the door bins. 

To reinsert, insert the drawer into the frame rails and then slide inward.

04. Freezer Basket

1. Fully open the freezer drawer.

2. Lift the ice bucket to remove it. 


  • Do not twist the basket when removing or reinserting the baske, as the basket can be scratched. 
  • To prevent physical injury, property damage, or suffocation, keep children away from freezer baskets that have been removed. 
  • Do not remove the divider. 
  • Put the wheels of the upper basket on the end of the rails of the lower basket. Then, slide the upper basket all the way to the front. Otherwise, the drawer will not open or close properly, which will cause frost to build up.
  • The sliding drawers of the freezer cannot be removed.

Upper Freezer Basket

1. To remove, fully slide open the freezer drawer. Lift up the front of the upper basket and pull to remove.

2. To reinsert, align the front wheels of the upper basket with the end of the lower basket. Slide the upper basket to the front.

Lower Freezer Basket

1. To remove, first remove the upper basket. Then, tilt up the front of the lower basket to pull out.

2. To reinsert, put the basket onto the rail assembly rear side first.

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