Reversing the Door of your Samsung Dryer

Last Update date : Jan 18. 2024

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With selected Samsung dryer models*, you are able to reverse the swing direction of your dryer door. Depending on the conditions of the installation site and your needs, you may want to reverse the door of your dryer. 

Follow the guide below for steps of reversing the dryer door.

*Door reversal can be performed on the following models: DV9*T******, DV8*T******, DV9*N62****, DV8*N62****, DV90BB*****


  • Make sure that the door reversal is performed by a qualified technician.
  • Instructions may differ depending on your model. For more information on your specific model, it is recommened to consult your user manual, or find it online on our Manuals & Downloads page.

1. Remove the door packing from the door.

2. Remove the screws on the inner glass holder of the door. Loosen and remove the 3 screws on the bottom first. Then, loosen and remove the 3 screws on the top of the holder.

3. Detach the glass holder.
Note: Use caution to not drop any part of the holder when detaching it. Property damage (cracks or breaks) or physical injury may occur.

4. Remove the hinge screws and then detach the door. Loosen and remove the 2 bolts on the door frame. To prevent abrasion on the bolts, use a hex screwdriver.

5. Remove the upper screw on the left of the door frame, and then insert it in the corresponding right hole of the door frame. Do not remove the lower bracket screws.

6. Remove the 2 bracket screws on the right frame, and then remove the 2 holder screws on the left frame.

7. Insert the 2 removed bracket screws in the left frame as shown. See the figure for the correct position of the screws.

8. Remove the bottom screw on the left frame, and then insert it in the corresponding hole on the right frame.

9. Insert the lever holder on the right frame, and then tighten the 2 holder screws.

10. Insert the door hinge in the opposite position of the door frame. Then, tighten the 2 bolt screws.

11. Insert the inner glass holder in the door cover that has been installed on the left frame.

12. Tighten the 3 holder screws on the top. Then, tighten the 3 holder screws on the bottom.

13. Attach the door packing to the door.

To return the door to the initial position, follow the steps again.

Please note that the door, hinges, and other parts would be in the opposite orientation as listed in these steps. 

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