Samsung Freestanding Dishwasher Panel Layout

Last Update date : Dec 08. 2021

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The Samsung Freestanding Dishwasher has a range of great features to get your dishes spotlessly clean. With the Hygienic Program, you can extend the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70˚C for deeper cleaning, to kill off bacteria & germs.

Find out what how to do this and more by referring to the panel layout description below

Freestanding dishwasher panel layout



1. Power

To turn on your dishwasher - the screen lights up when turned on.

2. Program

For selecting a washing program.

3. Half Load

For small amount of loading items, use either the upper or lower basket to save energy.


Press the Half load button to select the upper or lower basket.

4. Control Lock

This option allows you to lock the buttons on the control panel so children cannot accidentally start the dishwasher by pressing the buttons on the panel.


To lock and unlock the buttons on the control panel, hold down the Control lock button for three (3) seconds.

5. Display Window

Running indicator, delay time, codes and etc.

6. Start

To begin a cycle, or to cancel.


To cancel a currently running cycle and drain the dishwasher, press and hold the Start button for three (3) seconds.


Once the dishwasher is reset, select a cycle and option, and then press Start to restart the dishwasher

7. Delay Start

Press this button to set the delayed hours for washing. You can delay the start of washing up to 24 hours. One press on this button delays the start of washing by one hour.

8. Hygiene

Push the Hygiene button for the best possible hygiene in your dishwasher. At the final rinse it heats up to 70 °C and holds this temperature for several minutes.


This function is available with all programs except Quick Wash and Pre Wash.

9. Multi Tab

Select the Multi tab option, which needs salt and rinse aid.


This option can be selected on Intensive, Auto or ECO programs only.

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