Prevent Leakage from the Refrigerator Water Filter

Last Update date : Jul 31. 2023

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Most Samsung fridges now come with a handy water dispenser. The water dispenser also comes with a water filter to maintain great quality drinking water. If the water filter hasn't been installed properly or your fridge isn't levelled, you may find that your water filter will leak. Below are instructions for checking the water filter for leaks.

Firstly, there are some tips to run through so that you only have to install your water filter once and not worry about any water leaking issues.

  • Only use Samsung or approved water filters.
  • Do not block the air vents.
  • When removing the water filter, ensure to pull the filter straight out while removing to prevent any damage.

If you feel that there is still leakage after the trying the steps below, you can also check the dispenser for leakage. In the case that leakage continues after checking dispenser, you can check the water line. If the leakage due to the water line, you will need to contact the installer of the water line. Samsung takes NO responsibility for the water line installation. 

Checking the water filter for leaks

1 Shut off the refrigerator water line at the point where the line attaches to the hose water source.
2 Depending on the model of your refrigerator, the water filter can be in one of the following locations:, (1) Behind the fridge; (2) In between the fridge crisper drawers or; (3) On the top right hand side of the fridge.

●    If it is at the upper right side of your refrigerator, remove the upper glass shelf from the refrigerator so you can get to the filter easily.

●    If it is between the crisper drawers, there may be a filter cover (depending on the model) you need to open before reaching the filter.

●    If it is located behind the fridge then pull the fridge out and reach to the back of the fridge.

3 When the water filter has been removed, check the O rings located at the top of the filter. If the O rings are damaged or worn then the water filter cannot create a complete seal and cause leaking.

Note: If the O ring is lost or damaged, you can purchase a replacement water filter here.  

Set of water filters.
4 Examine the water filter to see if the LOCK indicator mark on the filter is aligned with the indicator mark on the filter cover.
5 If the LOCK indicator mark on the filter is not aligned with the indicator mark on the filter cover, turn the filter clockwise until the marks are aligned.

Your water filter location will differ depending on the model, it is generally located in 3 locations: (1) behind the refrigerator, (2) between the fridge crisper drawers, (3) top right corner of your fridge. No matter the location and/or design of your water filter, please make sure that it is securely locked in place or else water leakage may occur.

The water filter is leaking in my fridge

Note: The image above is for demonstrations purposes, as designs can differ depending on your refrigerator model. To check the water filter specific to your model, please refer to your enclosed user manual

6 Turn on the water line and check for water leaks.
7 If there are no leaks, put the crisper back and move the fridge back to its original location.

Please be advised that any time the water filter is replaced, flush at least two litres of water before drinking or using the water dispenser. 

If your water filter is still leaking, it is recommended to contact 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) for further assistance.

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community.

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