Using the Air Conditioner Remote Control

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2021

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Samsung Air Conditioners allows you to use power smart features to help you stay comfortable at any time during the day or night.
Choose from options like Auto Mode, Heat Mode, Cool Mode and many more. All you need to do is set it and relax.

Below is a description of what each mode does and how to set it.

Overview of the Remote Control


Have a look at the basic functions of the Samsung air conditioner remote control. You can manage the various functions with the remote control, and this will help to make your stay even cooler and convenient.

Air conditioner remote control.

Note: Remote displays and features can vary depending on the product model. To confirm the displays and features of your air conditioner model, please download the User Manual by searching your model number on our Product Help & Support Page.

Remote Control Operations



Auto Mode

Power icon (Power) > Mode icon (Mode) > Select Auto

  • If Wi-Fi is not available/supported, Auto mode is automatically activated instead of AI Auto mode.
  • When the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, the air conditioner automatically produces cool air.
  • When the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, the air conditioner automatically produces warm air.

AI Auto Mode (same selection steps as above Auto Mode)


  • You can use this mode after the Wi-Fi is connected. Otherwise, Auto mode is cancelled.
  • In AI mode, the Head icon with AI (AI Auto) and Head icon with AI (Wi-Fi) indicators appear on the display of the indoor unit.
  • If the gathered user patterns are not sufficient, the set temperature is set to 24℃.
  • The set temperature is controlled within the range of 22℃ - 26℃ in AI Auto mode. You can also change it manually.
  • When you press Head icon with AI (Mode) in AI Auto mode, the mode is cancelled.
  • If you change the set temperature in AI Auto mode, it automatically changes back to the AI comfort temperature after 1 hour.

Dry Mode

Power icon (Power) > Mode icon (Mode) > Select Dry

  • The proper set temperature range for dehumidifying is 24℃ - 26℃. If you feel that the current humidity is high, use a lower set temperature.
  • You cannot use Dry mode for heating. Dry mode is designed to produce a cooling side-effect.

Cool Mode

Power icon (Power) > Mode icon (Mode) > Select Cool

  • For comfort, keep the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor air with 5℃.
  • After selecting Cool mode, select the desired function, temperature and fan speed.
    • To cool more quickly, select a lower temperature and a faster fan speed.
    • To save energy, select a higher temperature and a slower fan speed.

Heat Mode

Power icon (Power) > Mode icon (Mode) > Select Heat

  • While the air conditioner warms up, the fan may not operate for about 3 to 5 minutes at the beginning to prevent cold blasts.
  • If the air conditioner heats insufficiently, use an additional heating appliance in combination with the air conditioner.

Automatic Defrost in Heat Mode


  • When the outdoor temperature is low and the humidity is high, frost may develop on the outdoor heat exchanger, which may decrease heating efficiency. When these conditions are met while Heat mode is on, the air conditioner runs the defrost function for 5 to 12 minutes to remove frost from the outdoor heat exchanger.
  • When the Defrost function is on, the Lower case d and upper case F (Defrost) indicator appears on the indoor unit display, steam is produced on the outdoor unit, the air conditioner moves the airflow blades to the lowest position to prevent cold air from coming out of the indoor unit.

Fan Mode

Power icon (Power) > Mode icon (Mode) > Select Fan

  • If the air conditioner will not be used for an extended period of time, run it in Fan mode for 3 to 4 hours to dry the internal components.
  • The outdoor unit does not operate in Fan mode. This is normal and not a fault with the air conditioner.

Fast Mode

In Cool or Heat Mode > fast icon (Fast)

Quiet Function

In Cool or Heat Mode > options icon(Options) >arrows icon > Select Quiet > set icon (Set)

Beep Function

options icon(Options) >arrows icon > Select Beep > set icon (Set)

Display Lighting Function

options icon(Options) >arrows icon > Select Display > set icon (Set)

  • Even though you change the current mode or function when the Display lighting function is on, the display lighting will turn on again when the product restarts.
  • QMD 2020's new product changes its current mode or function when the display lighting function is on, and then the display light turns on for five seconds and then turns off again.
  • To turn the Display lighting function off, run the method above again or turn the product off and on.
  • The display lighting function is specialized in some limited models, but it may differ from the model.

Eco Mode

In Cool or Heat Mode > eco icon (Eco)

Timer On/Off

timer icon (Timer) > Select On or Off >arrows icon (Select duration) > set icon (Set)

  • Set the duration to 0.0 to turn off the timer function.
  • You can set the duration from 0.5 hours to 24 hours.
  • You cannot set the same duration for both Timed on and Timed off functions.
  • When you start the Timed on/off function, the timer indicator appears on the indoor unit display.

Good'Sleep Mode

In Cool or Heat Mode > timer icon (Selectgood sleep) > arrows icon (Set duration) > set icon (Set)

  • For more information on Good'Sleep Mode, please click here

Wind-Free Cooling Function*


(*only available on AR9500T GEO Wind-Free Models)

In Cool/Dry/Fan mode > Wind icon

  • To cancel this function, press the Wind icon (Wind-Free) button again.
  • When the Wind-Free Cooling function is on, the air conditioner automatically controls the temperature and fan speed to keep your room mild and comfortable.
  • When the Wind-Free Cooling function is cancelled, the air conditioner returns to the original fan speed and air comes out of the airflow blades.
  • In Cool mode, the recommended set temperature during the Wind-Free Cooling operation is 24℃ - 26℃.
  • You can use the Wind-Free Cooling function in Cool, Dry or Fan mode.
  • You cannot select the Quiet function during the Wind-Free Cooling operation.
  • Selecting the Wind-Free Cooling function cancels the Fast, Eco and airflow direction (Horizontal air swingVertical air swing) functions.
Adjust the Air Flow Direction

You can adjust the airflow direction. Press the Airflow button to select the desired airflow direction. Furthermore, you can keep the airflow in a constant direction by stopping the movements of the vertical air flow blades.

Air flow direction button.


  • If you adjust the vertical airflow blade manually, it may not close completely when you turn off the air conditioner.
  • Always use the remote control to adjust the airflow blades.
  • Do not move the blades manually. They may not operate normally thereafter.
  • You cannot control the vertical airflow direction in Cool mode when the good'sleep function is on.


  • The actual design of the control panel may differ from your model.
  • Some remote controls have airflow function buttons on it, but the product models may not have corresponding functions itself.
Additional Tips to use the Remote Control

More efficient way to use

  • It is recommended to keep a 10m distance between the indoor unit and remote control.
  • For better and smooth electric communication, use the remote control toward the indoor unit direction.

Replacing the remote control batteries

  • When the battery is almost finished, the icon will be displayed on the remote control's display. The indoor unit also displays the Low batteries on the display.
  • The remote control requires two 1.5 V triple-A type batteries.
Diagram on how to insert batteries into remote control.


  • Do not hit, shake, drop, or attempt to disassemble the remote control.
  • It is recommended to remove the batteries from the remote control when you do not use the remote control for a long time.
  • Once the batteries on the remote control have been replaced, all the modes will be reset.
  • When replacing the remote control batteries, keep them out of the reach of infants. If an infant eats a battery, contact a doctor immediately.

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community.


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