Customising the Ringtone on my Samsung Phone

If you wish to set an Audio or music file as a Message notification or ringtone, the audio file must be placed into the Notifications or Ringtone folder. Follow the below guide to learn how to customise your Notification tones on your Samsung device.  If you would like to learn how to customise your Whatsapp Ringtone please refer to our guide Change WhatsApp Ringtone on my Samsung Phone for more information.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further assistance click here to reach out to your Samsung Subsidiary. 

Set a custom ringtone for a contact on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone Set a custom ringtone for a contact on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Using Saved Music Files

1. Head into the My Files app icon My Files app

2. Tap on Audio

3. Select Music > long press the music file to select then either tap on Move or Copy

4. Head back to the My File main page and select Internal storage

5. Select Notifications
If you aren't noticing a Notification folder in your Internal Storage you can easily create one. Simply tap on the 3 dots > Create folder > name the folder Notifications.

6. Tap on Copy here to copy your music file into your Notifications folder

7. Now you will be able to set the Music file as a Notification tone. Head into your SettingsSounds and vibration.

8. Tap on Notification sound

9. Select your Music file

10. Then tap on the back key to apply the changes

If you are unable to hear your Notification sounds, ensure you have set your Sound Mode has been set to Sound. You can check by heading into your Settings > Sounds and Vibrations > Sound Mode > Sound.

Customise Individual App Notification Tones

1. Head into your Settings

2. Then tap on Apps

3. Select an app you would like to customise the Notification tone

4. Tap on Notifications

5. Select Notification categories

6. Select a category you would like to customise

7. Ensure that you have selected Alert then tap on Sound

8. Tap on a sound then press the back button to apply changes

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Check, Repair or Upgrade

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