Using Scenes and Automations in SmartThings

Last Update date : Oct 22. 2021

Scenes in the SmartThings mobile app lets you easily control different actions in your smart home. You can manually trigger custom actions with the tap of a finger or trigger your Scene automatically with a Custom Automation. Follow the below instructions and learn how to create Scenes and Automations for different devices around your home.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to get in touch with your Samsung subsidiary. Screenshost were captured from a Galaxy S20+ operating on Android OS Version 10.0 (Q), settings and steps available may vary depending on your Galaxy device and software version.

If you would like to learn how to use SmartThings on your Samsung Watch please refer to our guide Using the SmartThings app on my Samsung Watch for further instructions.

1 Launch the SmartThings SmartThings app
launch smartthings app
2 Select Automations from the menu on the bottom of the page.

smartthings home 

3 Tap on Add scene


4 Add a Scene name then tap on +.

add scene 

5 Add an Action

add action 

6 Select a device then tap on Next

select device 

7 Customise the device actions to your preference, and then press Done.

scene customisation 

8 Confirm the name and device actions, then tap Save.

save scene 

9 Once you have saved your Scene you will be able to view and activate from your Automations page.

scene saved 

1 Launch the SmartThings SmartThings app
launch smartthings app
2 Tap on Add automation


3 Tap on + to add an If condition.

automation if 

4 Choose a condition.


5 Adjust the conditions to suit your preference the tap on Done.

automation time 

6 Tap on + to add a Then condition.

automation then 

6 Select what you would like to happen.

run scenes 

7 Select the scene you would like to run, and then tap Done.

select run scene 

8 Confirm the conditions of your automation and press Save.

save automation 

9 Name the automation, then select OK.

automation name 

10 Once saved, you will see it on the Automations page.

automation created 

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community

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