Galaxy Tab S4 - Game Tools & Game Launcher (SM-T830)

Last Update date : Oct 04. 2020
Galaxy Tab S4 - Game Tools & Game Launcher (SM-T830)

When you have tons of games you want to play, your tablet can get messy. Game Launcher gathers all your game apps into one place for easy access. That means your tablet will be more organized and you can get back to gaming - yay! You can also use Game Tools to improve your gaming experience on your tablet. With Game Tools, you can take your gaming to the next level. Play to your heart's content with zero disruptions. Or, record your gameplay and share it with the entire internet. Games Tools also works with Game Launcher so you'll always have the power to make your gaming great.

Screens and settings available may vary depending on your Canadian wireless service provider and your software version.

With Game Tools, you can become the next #1 player. Game Tools are enabled on your tablet by default. The first time you open a gaming app, a popup about Game Tools will appear. Review the information, and then touch OK.

Turn On Game Tools

To access Game Tools at any time, touch the Game Tools icon in the left-hand corner of the navigation bar. If your Navigation bar is not displayed, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display it.

When you’re fighting a boss, Game Tools gives you everything you need to make you victorious. You can adjust the settings so nothing distracts you from battle and you can even record the showdown.

Use Game Tools

Below are the features available in Game Tools:

   • No alerts during game: Mute notification sounds and display notifications for emergency alerts only.

   • Auto brightness lock: This prevents Auto brightness from activating while you are playing a game. That way, it won’t adjust the brightness or cause any distractions while you’re in the middle of game.

   • Navigation key lock: This deactivates the Navigation bar when a game is open, so you don’t accidentally touch Home or Back and then exit the app by mistake.

   • Screen touch lock: Pauses the game and locks the screen. Swipe to unlock the screen and return to the game.

   • Screenshot: Capture screenshots.

   • Record: Record your game session.

   • Settings: Access Game Tools settings.

To use Game Launcher, you'll need to activate it first. Once it's enabled, you'll be able to step into a gamer's paradise.

From Settings, search for and select Game Launcher. To add a Game Launcher icon to your Home screen, touch and hold the icon or touch ADD. Open Game Launcher on your tablet, and then follow the on-screen prompts to set it up. All your games will automatically move into the Game Launcher.

Use Game Launcher

If you have a game that hasn't been added, you can add it manually by touching More Options and then Add apps. Select the app(s) you want to add, and then touch ADD.

Battery power efficiency may vary by game.

With Game Launcher, you can tune the performance level of your games to save battery power. If you are stuck on a long trip with no charger, you can make a game's performance a little lower, so you can get more battery life. But hey, the game will still be awesome.

Tune Performance

Open Game Launcher, and then touch the Tune performance icon. Swipe the slider to your desired performance level. You can also set individual settings for each game by selecting Settings for each game. Touch APPLY to save the changes.

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