Location inaccuracy with your SmartThings Tracker

Last Update date : Sep 02. 2021
Location inaccuracy with your SmartThings Tracker

When you request a location in SmartThings, a circle will appear around the estimated area. Do not be concerned if the circle seems a little off; there may be some slight variations when it comes to estimated locations. But you can feel assured knowing that the SmartThings tracker is incredibly accurate.

Note: The provided information refers to devices sold in Canada. The available screens and settings may differ for devices sold in other countries. You can visit the SmartThings website to check device compatibility and gather more information.

Slight variations in location accuracy

The SmartThings tracker's location can be a little different depending on your mobile network. However, estimated locations are 90 percent accurate, so you can stay calm knowing your loved one is where they are supposed to be.

The SmartThings tracker sends data to the Samsung Cloud. From there, the Cloud sends the information to the SmartThings app. Since the data is sent through your mobile network, the estimated location may vary depending on the signal’s strength. For example, if you are in a densely populated area, the GPS signal may be weaker.

Slight variations in location accuracy

Note: Depending on the state of the network, the results may take several seconds to several minutes to show in SmartThings.

Geofence zone inaccuracy

The Geofence feature will keep you updated on your loved one’s movements. You will receive a notification when they arrive or leave a designated area, also known as a Zone.

For example, maybe your child was supposed to arrive at their Zone at 8 a.m., but you still have not gotten an alert. Do not panic, it could just be network traffic. When there is heavy network usage, the Zone alert may appear a little later than the actual crossing point.

Geofence zone inaccuracy

However, if you are noticing consistent issues with Zone alerts or automations on your SmartThings tracker, there might be an issue with the size or location of the Zone you created. You can try increasing the size of the Zone to update it to the exact real-world location and see if this solves the problem:

1 Open the SmartThings app on your phone.

Note: If you cannot find it, it may be located in the Samsung folder.

2 Tap the Devices tab (at the bottom of the screen).
3 Tap the Home icon.
4 Choose the location where your tracker is registered.
5 Swipe left or right to find your Tracker. When you see it, tap the Tracker's name on the device card.
6 Tap the More options icon (the three vertical dots) in the top right corner, and then tap Settings.
7 Select Manage zones, and then tap EDIT next to the desired Zone.
8 Pinch to zoom to change the size of the Zone. Touch and hold, and move the circle to the correct location.
9 Enter an address manually, or tap the compass icon to use your phone's current location.
10 Tap SAVE to confirm. Test to see if the alerts are more accurate now.
Environmental conditions

Below are some environmental factors that also may affect how accurate the SmartThings tracker's location appears in the SmartThings app.

  • The Tracker's location may be inaccurate in rural areas where there is fewer cellular towers to obtain a signal from.

  • If the Tracker's exact location is unknown, the circled area will indicate the most probable location.

  • If the Tracker is using GPS, the estimated location may vary depending on the satellite signal.

  • When the Tracker has issues obtaining its positioning (for example, GPS is not available), the actual location of the Tracker may appear outside the circle or the circle may be drawn larger.

  • If the Tracker is using an LTE network, the information may vary, which causes the estimated location to change.

  • The location service will work indoors. The Tracker will use the same Wi-Fi network as your phone to triangulate your location. However, the location will be more accurate outdoors.

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