Control your Samsung TV with your phone using SmartThings

Last Update date : Oct 25. 2023
Samsung TV - Control your TV with your phone using SmartThings

Ever misplace your TV remote? We all have. Did you know that you might have a TV remote in your pocket or even in your hand right now? With SmartThings, you can use your phone to adjust the volume, change the channel, or even start the next episode of your favourite show.

Note: The provided information refers to Samsung Smart TVs sold in Canada. The available screens and settings may differ for devices sold in other countries.

Use SmartThings to turn your phone into a controller for your TV.

Note: Your TV must be already be added to SmartThings as a device.

Open the SmartThings app on your phone, and then tap Menu. Tap All devices, and then select your TV. An on-screen remote will appear in the app.

Control your TV with SmartThings

Note: The options available on the remote will vary depending on the TV.

  • The volume and channel controls work the same way they would on a normal TV remote.
  • You also have access to Mute, Home, Back, and Guide.
  • Use the arrows or the gray box at the bottom to navigate the Settings menu or apps.
  • Tap anywhere in the box to make a selection.

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